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The Story of the Donut Games Jingle

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

February 1, 2010

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Donut Games logoEver wondered about the backstory for certain voice overs you have heard?

There's an app on my iPhone that was created by Swedish game developer, Donut Games, and upon hearing the voice over used to brand their apps, I just had to find out where the voice came from and who it was!

Read the story behind the Donut Games VO and share your own stories here on VOX Daily.

The Voice Behind Donut Games

Solving voice over mysteries is always fun! Last week, curiosity got the better of me and I sent an email to the people at Donut Games to find out who the voice over talent was that recorded their jingle that plays before each of their iPhone apps loads.

The support team forwarded my email straight to Daniel Zandelin, who wrote:

Hi Stephanie,

Great to hear from you!

The voice over talent for the Donut Games jingle is my wife, and the background story is pretty funny / remarkable.

In late 2008 (I think it was in November) I was working one morning in my home office, trying to create a catchy melody that would represent our game label Donut Games.

I played a couple of melodies at my Kurzweil K2000 synthesizer, and sampled them into Sound Forge where I toyed around with some pitching and other effects.

But now comes the funny part. My wife had a sleepy morning, and when I heard she was climbing out of bed I called on her. Still slumberous, she came into the room and I asked if she could whisper "Donut Games" into the mic. And so she did!

No retakes, no preparations... just spontaneous voice acting, and along with the newly created melody and the sound of a spoon stirring in a coffee cup, the famous Donut Games jingle was made which today has been heard by millions of iPhone users and online players around the world.

Daniel Zandelin
Donut Games

Do You Have a Neat Story To Share?

If you have done some sleuthing to find out who voiced what on a campaign or otherwise, I'd love to hear from you!

Comment and join the conversation now.

Best wishes,


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    Cool. Do you have a link to the jingle. I've never heard it (don't have an I-Phone *sigh*)

    Posted by:

      Stephanie, please do more of these stories- this was fabulous!

      Thanks for sharing,

      Jane Ingalls

      Posted by:

        Nice story, but pretty worthless if you don't use an iphone without a link to the jingle. ;)

        Posted by:
        • steve hammill
        • February 2, 2010 6:04 PM

          Hi Steve et al,

          If you visit the Donut Games website and click to play any of their games, you'll hear the jingle. Check out this link here:




          Posted by:

            Thank you Stephanie...that's a pretty cute whatever it is. Spontaneous clever. :)

            Posted by:
            • steve hammill
            • February 4, 2010 12:01 PM

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