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Interesting Quotes from a Debbie Munro Voice Over Workshop


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 31, 2010

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Deb MunroWhile sitting in Debbie Munro's workshop over the weekend at Edge Studio in NYC, I was twittering fast and furiously, sharing some insights gleaned from Deb's wealth of knowledge in the world of voice over.

In today's VOX Daily, I'm going to share those insights with you!

One of my favorites had to do with making sure that the words you breathe life into are driven by clear and deliberate intentions.

Learn more about the art of voice acting in a sweetly succinct manner now.

Insights From Debbie Munro

"After each audition or VO job, know that you have done the best job under those particular circumstances."

"Research every client you audition or work for."

"Always become someone else in the booth and always be yourself outside of the booth."

"Voice over is the hardest job in acting because it's based 100% on talent."

"You don't have to love your voice, you just have to love what you can do with it."

"Outtakes can be very useful to stand out in an audition."

"Don't get too comfortable with where you are. There is always room to grow, continue learning and stretch yourself."

"Study with more than one VoiceOver instructor."

"Create your own style by drawing on the perspectives and teachings of different coaches."

"Words alone don't mean anything... it's the intention behind the words that matters."

"Take chances and be real when reading copy. Don't be predictable. Pleasantly surprise your audience."

"A slate is like another audition."

"You have to trust in your instincts and follow them."

"What can you do to be unique? Choose to have a 'leave behind' that stays in the studio representative of your brand."

"No" in casting really means "Not right now."

A flat read (trend) suggests, "I have nothing to prove to you because I know that I'm just that good."

The last tidbit that I was present for on the Saturday afternoon was that Deb Munro recommends that all voice talent take a film acting class. This is a great idea as many voice over professionals come from broadcast or other fields where acting isn't part of your job.

If you'd like to learn more about Debbie, visit her profile on Voice Over Experts:


Any Anecdotes or Quotes You'd Like to Share?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,


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    Having the privilege to attend Debbie Monro's workshop in NYC as well, I believe that Stephanie captured many of the most memorable quotes from the first day's session. (In case you never guessed, Stephanie's fingers literally race across her phone's keypad!)

    In the past few days, I've been asked by several respected VO talents what 2 things really stood out about Debbie's workshop. First in my mind is that she really cares about her students, honestly sharing her experience and expertise. She gives unvarnished truths about her student's deliveries, and has the knack to give astute directions for optimum results.

    During her second day of the workshop, her focus shifted from audition tips and techniques to marketing. The memorable quote I took away from the second day is this, "Make sure your personality is reflected in your marketing approach. Remember, it's not about you, it's all about figuring out what benefits you can provide to the client."

    If you ever get the chance, do take a Debbie Monro workshop! You'll be glad you did!

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      Thanks for Tweeting all those fab quotes, and for putting them all together in this VOX DAILY. I'm a big fan of Deb Munro, and was unable to attend the Edge studio workshop......BUT...having YOU there is certainly a big help!

      Deb's 'tips' are terrific, and will be printed & put up on my studio bulletin board!

      Thank you, again, to Stephanie & Deb!

      Posted by:

        good stuff! thanks!

        Posted by:

          I've yet to meet Deb but I will say that she possesses the key ingredient that all good teachers must have to be effective, reflected in these quotes--she is positive and forward-looking with her instruction, and always the emphasis is on how to grow and become better at what you do and have to offer, a trait I have also worked very hard at honing in my own teaching career--Bravo Deb! Here's to one day a chance to meet and collaborate!

          Best Regards,

          "Teacher Dan" Deslaurier

          Posted by:

            Unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to take one of Deb's classes, but thanks, Stephanie, for sharing those great lines!

            Coincidentally, I've just collected some inspirational lines specifically for Voiceover Talent:

            Check 'em out: http://bit.ly/FPWoYH

            Posted by:

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