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Voices.com's Mobile Website


By David Ciccarelli

March 11, 2010

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Voices.com for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPadThe mobile space is awash in applications, or "apps," as they are commonly called. On the heels of Apple's success with the App Store, unveiled in July 2008, other device manufacturers and operating system providers, including BlackBerry and the Android platform championed by Google, opened their own virtual storefronts.

As a result, people feel emboldened to do more with their mobile devices. eMarketer, the Internet market research firm, projects that mobile Internet access, through either traditional browsers or installed applications, will see significant gains over the next five years, reaching 134.3 million mobile Internet users in 2013 in the United States.

Today, we are proud to announce the first version of the Voices.com mobile website, located at https://www.voices.com.

A Significant Shift

While most of us working in technology companies and digital media are aware of the mobile Internet tsunami, many businesses have yet to embrace the technology by publishing a mobile version of their own website.

Keeping your customers' user experience in mind, I believe we've reached a critical point where businesses must have at least a brochure style mobile site to explain to mobile visitors who you and and how you can serve them.

After two years of accessing Facebook, Twitter and now FourSquare almost exclusively on my iPhone, I realized it was time that our company, Voices.com created a modest mobile website. Here's version one.

Voices.com in The Palm of Your Hand

On the mobile home page, visitors can clearly see that the purpose of the mobile site is to listen to professional voice over talents with a touch of a finger.

Below, visitors can find a complete listing of voice over demos organized by category such as Audiobooks,
Movie Trailers,
Television and

Voice Over Demos on iPhone

Demos On The Go

Within each category, the visitor can scroll through a number of featured voice talent, read about a few keywords that describe their voice type and delivery style, then click on the name to play a sample audio file.


Links to the blogs and podcasts are located at the bottom of each page. Furthermore, we've added a few pages about Voices.com so prospective clients can learn how we can serve them by either helping them find voice over jobs or find voice over talents.

Voices.com Contact Page on iPhone

Contacting Voices.com From Your Mobile

Connecting with the people at Voices.com has never been easier. Simply click "

Links to our mobile Facebook and mobile Twitter accounts are also handy. If you haven't yet become a Fan on Facebook, please do so. We'd love to connect with you there.

Voices.com Convergence Center on iPhone, iPod and iPad

More to Come

Thanks to our amazing beta testers, we've made a lot of progress quickly and have planned out the key features in an update to the mobile site which will include the ability to login, view job postings and even submit auditions from your iPhone, BlackBerry or Google Android phone when you're out of the recording studio.

What Features Would You Like To See?

Leave a comment and let us know how we can improve our mobile website. What's important to you?

Thanks so much!

David Ciccarelli

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    Very great work... It will be very helpful for the artists as well as agencies like us.

    Posted by:




      Humble VO Talent

      Posted by:

        GREAT idea David & Stephanie!
        Looks like you've got all the bases covered! As a voice talent, my primary concern is checking available jobs(and you're all over it!)


        Posted by:

          Wow, this is really neat!

          Is it available on the Android, or just the iPhone?

          Posted by:

            Voices.com : always on the forefront! I can't wait for the Blackberry app for recording auditions on the go. Brilliant!

            Posted by:


              Yes, you can view the mobile version of Voices.com by simply visiting m.voices.com. I'd suggest bookmarking the URL in your browser so you can get back to the website easily.

              Posted by:

                Congrats on the new Mobile site!

                How do we get our names listed on there?!?!?!

                DAN (Daniel Eduardo) HURST

                Posted by:
                • Dan Hurst
                • March 12, 2010 2:19 PM


                  As you noticed, the mobile site is client-facing, meaning that it's designed to showcase voice talents. We're working at featuring all Premium members in the various categories, then rotating the talent names randomly. We believe this will give equal visibility to each voice talent. You can anticipate these changes in the next 60 days.

                  Posted by:

                    This first version of the Voices.com mobile site is VERY slick looking. For it being a version 1 site, it is REALLY nice! Props to everyone involved in it's design.

                    I'm looking forward to the upcoming changes, with additional functionality for http://m.voices.com/ , and would still love to see a native iPhone Voices.com App, designed with voice talent in mind. I'd pay at least $10 for such an App, and I bet that many of the voice talent at Voices.com would as well!

                    Posted by:

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