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Voices.com Introduces Managed Projects


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 26, 2010

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Project Management Voices.com

Voice over work is more abundant than you might have previously thought... and more of it's coming online.

We're being approached by much larger organizations to handle an every increasingly complex scope of work.

Learn more about managed projects and what this means for you at Voices.com now in today's VOX Daily.

Clients With Broader Needs

When companies come to us with their projects, generally they manage them on their own with assistance from our staff if required, however, what we've found in recent months is that some clients have more complicated needs requiring personalized assistance from a dedicated project manager.

Examples of Jobs that Would Benefit from a Project Manager:

๏ Full cast of characters for cartoons, video games and audiobooks
๏ A global enterprise redoing their telephone system recordings with 20,000 voice prompts and 25,000 names for a voice mail system
๏ Corporate training requiring several voices for hundreds of eLearning modules
๏ National radio station network consolidating ad creation
๏ News media company in need of daily headlines recorded and delivered according to the 24 hour news schedule

As you can see, we're also setting our sights on those larger projects that need the full attention of a qualified staff member to handle.

The Dedicated Project Manager

The project manager carefully plans and organizes tasks to accomplish a specific, one-time objective - in this case, the completion of a voice-over job.

Responsibilities of the project manager include:

๏ Posting job on behalf of client
๏ Outlining specifics for talent
๏ Receiving auditions
๏ Evaluating responses
๏ Voice casting
๏ File delivery
๏ Paying talent on a regular payment schedule

How Do Managed Projects Affect You?

Starting today, you'll begin to see job postings with the following statement attached in the script and/or work description:

"This is a Voices.com Managed Project. A member of the Voices.com staff has been assigned as the dedicated project manager for this client and will be responsible for reviewing responses, selecting the best candidates as directed by the client, arranging for file delivery and payment."

Auditioning and completing work at Voices.com will be as easy for you as the talent as it's ever been.

Questions, Concerns, Comments?

If you have a question about Managed Projects, please ask us by sending a question to support@voices.com or by leaving a comment below.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you.


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    This sounds like it can only be a win/win/win!

    Debbie Irwin

    Posted by:
    • Debbie Irwin
    • May 27, 2010 9:36 AM

      Hi Stephanie,

      Very interesting article! This reminds me of my days as an experienced Project Manager across several years. Also, this is an excellent growth opportunity for Voices.com by offering project management services; something that would be a natural follow-on and addition to Voices.com's repertoire that will complement its' business model. I think it is a great decision to offer this service and a great way to draw larger scope clients!

      This is a very interesting, smart and progressive move, and I wish you all the best with it!

      - Daniel Goldman -
      Professional Voice-over Artist

      Posted by:
      • Daniel Goldman
      • May 27, 2010 9:38 AM

        I like this idea and it will bring great success to the talent and voices.com. This will obviously give experienced or willing talent the kind of work they deserve. It's kinda like what happens in translation agencies i work for, you get constant and on-going work.

        Thanks voices.com

        Posted by:

          Congratulations...sounds fantastic for all. Will each Managed Project job be posted with an established project budget, or do we still need to submit individual bids on them?

          Thanks for the continuous opportunities you provide!
          ~Janice Downes

          Posted by:

            Another great option from the great team at voices! Thanks for continuing to create a productive environment for us talent.

            Posted by:

              Hi Debbie, Daniel, Sanjo, Janice and Kevin,

              Thank you for your replies! We appreciate your support.

              @Janice To answer your question, from what I know at present, you will still be bidding on the managed projects. In the future there may be managed jobs with set budgets where you won't need to quote. Hope that helps :)



              Posted by:

                This sounds Great!
                I Like the idea of Voices Personnel "managing" a project.
                I look forward to the opportunities it will provide.
                And somehow, I think it may make life easier when the client
                has complex needs.
                Thank you for this, and All you do!

                Posted by:
                • Matilda Novak
                • May 27, 2010 2:46 PM

                  Great idea! It seems like it will provide larger long form voice over jobs for voice talent. Plus having the professionalism of voices.com is always a plus!

                  Looking forward to seeing these jobs appear.


                  Jason McCoy

                  Posted by:


                    This sounds like an awesome opportunity for the site and all of us members!

                    Keep up the good work!

                    Posted by:

                      This may be a quantum leap forward, providing greater opportunity for both Voices.com and the members. I continue to be impressed with your service. - Tom Daniels

                      Posted by:

                        I think clients will be happy to have the management of a professional team like Voices! My Production Director experience thinks you'll have a host of follow ups that you'll now be responsible for, thus creating a much heavier workload than previously anticipated. But, don't let that deter, wind it up and see how far it flies. Maybe you'll create a new division dedicated to Managed Clients.

                        Posted by:
                        • John McCann
                        • June 8, 2010 9:52 AM

                          A brilliant idea!
                          Greetings from Argentina, Latin America.

                          Posted by:

                            What a great way to really discover those talents that audition on site everyday!

                            Posted by:
                            • Greg Stahl
                            • June 16, 2011 4:05 PM

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