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Voices Behind SitePals


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 7, 2010

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SitePal from Complete Curriculum websiteAre you the voice of a SitePal or a talking character on a website?

You've probably seen these virtual spokespeople on many websites. Perhaps you have even given voice to one, two or more!

We'll learn about SitePals, take a look at a SitePal in action and discover more about this kind of voice over work in today's VOX Daily.

What's a SitePal?

A SitePal is an animated character that welcomes visitors to a website. SitePals may assist visitors with navigation or answer frequently asked questions, empowering online communication.

While SitePals primarily serve as the front lines of customers service via the web and first humanized point of contact with the brand on a corporate website, they can also be fun and engaging.

Many companies strategically use SitePals as brand ambassadors to greet visitors upon reaching the website and to keep those visitors at their site for longer periods of time.

A SitePal in Action!

SitePals give you the opportunity to use your voice in fun and challenging ways... you might even be surprised to learn that your voice is paired with a younger or older looking avatar as chosen by the client!

Gary Moore wrote to me and shared about a SitePal he is currently voicing. Gary writes, "Look what they did to my voice, I'm looking a lot younger!"

Which SitePal is Gary voicing? Check out the SitePal on CompleteCurriculum.com.

Complete Curriculum, LLC is a Rockwood, Michigan-based company that provides digital textbooks and a comprehensive web-based educational interface for grades K-12 in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

Work That Comes and Goes

These gigs are not destined to last forever in the online world and it isn't uncommon to voice a SitePal that eventually gets retired as it were from a website.

Tony Pasquale shared "I've voiced a few over the past 2 years but they come and go."

Elie Hirschman has also recorded SitePals that are no longer being used, sharing, "I did a SitePal for a site which seems to no longer exist. But I have the recorded tracks to prove it!"

Are You The Voice, Past or Present, of a SitePal?

Comment with where we can hear your work!

Best wishes,


SitePal image via CompleteCurriculum.com

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    I have been a talent on SitePal for many years. It's always fun checking out websites where you hear your voice as an animated character that looks absolutely nothing like you :)

    Posted by:

      Interesting stuff - The rates though seem a little low.

      - single payment of $29.95 / min

      - Is this right?

      I am ssuming also that this amount is totally available for the tallent - or does Sitepal take a cut also?

      Posted by:

        Nice work on that CompleteCurriculum character!

        I did an offbrand site pal for AuctionPal, now extinct. But I still have the Flash file at http://www.marymckitrick.com/mediafiles/AuctionPal_MaryMcKitrick.swf

        The character's name was Piper and I grew rather fond of her :)

        Posted by:

          Yes, I too was a voice of a SitePal. I was the voice of Lauren the virtual assistant at GameQuest Direct. One thing you had to be sure of was not to deliver the copy too fast so the lip-flap would look OK!
          Bobbin Beam

          Posted by:

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