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Voices.com Ranked #34 on the PROFIT HOT 50 List


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 15, 2010

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PROFIT HOT 50It's been hard to keep a tight lip on this but today, PROFIT Magazine gave us word that we are able to share that Voices.com is part of a prestigious lineup of Canadian companies who are gracing the PROFIT HOT 50 list!

The list will be featured in the October 2010 issue.

We are grateful to be included among such fine companies and to receive this honour for the second year running.

To learn more about what this means, continue reading this edition of VOX Daily.

What This Ranking Means

At Voices.com, we strive for excellence on a daily basis. This ranking is a reflection of the need for voice over and the expanding opportunities available for our customers.

The PROFIT HOT 50 is the definitive ranking of Canada's Emerging Growth Companies. Published in the October issue of PROFIT magazine and online at PROFITguide.com, the PROFIT HOT 50 ranks young firms by two-year revenue growth.

"Being included among Canada's fastest growing companies for the second year in a row demonstrates how it's possible combine a big vision with laser-like focus to achieve rapid expansion in any economy," says David Ciccarelli, CEO of Voices.com. "We've creatively used technology to reach new customers, reduce costs, increase internal collaboration and communication, and create flexible work environments - a model that has proven effective."

As I mentioned earlier, Voices.com is in great company, sharing the stage with many leaders who run and sail their ships well, even through rocky waters.

"Creativity, foresight and focus are just some of the traits required to launch a successful business in today's volatile marketplace," says PROFIT editor Ian Portsmouth. "This year's PROFIT HOT 50 leaders have these qualities in abundance, plus many effective management ideas that other business owners would do well to borrow."

To see the PROFIT HOT 50 list and review the rankings, visit this link:


Thank You

Thank you for your business! We love working with you and recognize that our success is your success.

Best wishes,

Stephanie Ciccarelli

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    Congrats on your ranking.

    Profit is what business is all about.

    Best always,
    - Peter

    Posted by:

      Congratulations! That's fantastic news, Stephanie. Something to truly be proud of. All the best, -- Jodi

      Posted by:

        To: Stephanie, David and the rest of the team: WOW....congratulations! This article, and being among that list are testament that as a team, you have done your homework on what it takes to achieve greatness. You formulated your business plan and business model, tweaked them when needed, and have executed on them. Among it all, your attention to detail, customer service and attention spent on not just your products & services but also the subject matter inherent in them....namely, the voiceover craft itself, speaks volumes about your business approach and is soooo key. You have shown that you are not simply a commodity marketplace, but rather are subject matter experts in the industry, and among industries! You understand not only the business end of things, but also have a firm grip on what it takes to make it in the voiceover business and on how technology can be leveraged as a tool as well.
        Among it all, your customer service has been stellar! Bravo, well done and again...congratulations! Well deserved and I wish you even greater prosperity going forward!

        Posted by:

          Congratulations on this worthy accomplishment. How fantastic for you, David, and the entire staff at Voices.com. Thanks for sharing the great news with us voiceover peeps.
          Bobbin Beam, Voice Actress

          Posted by:

            WOW! Congratulations! Props to you!! Mazel Tov! Way to go!! Woo Hoo Too!


            Debbie Irwin

            Posted by:


              David Brower

              Posted by:
              • David Brower
              • September 17, 2010 11:41 AM


                Posted by:
                • Mary Ellen Craver
                • September 20, 2010 9:29 AM


                  A job well done to be named to the Profit Top 50 two years in a row. I've been with your company a long time and have enjoyed watching your growth and the drafting of services to better care for your clients and talents.

                  Thanks and again, Congrats!


                  Posted by:
                  • Michael L. Turnbull
                  • October 19, 2010 1:37 PM

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