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There's an App for that! Audiobooks on your iPhone


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 12, 2010

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Green guy sitting on a stack of books with a USB port coming out of them, earbuds. Audiobook concept.Did you know that there are apps for audiobooks?

As someone who still reads paper books, at times I find myself wishing that the books I was reading could travel with me hands-free when doing chores, gardening or running errands... and after a quick search online, I discovered that most of the time, they are in fact available in audio format for mobile devices.

Learn more about how one audiobook publishing company that has taken a leap into the digital publishing realm by producing apps for a variety of Apple products.


Don't you just love that your local library carries audiobooks? Isn't it great that you can also search for, acquire and download stories to listen to online?

In addition to being able to purchase audiobooks through services such as iTunes and Audible, you might be interested to learn that audio publishing companies sell apps they have developed. Blackstone Audio is one such audio publisher offering downloadable apps for sale on their website and through iTunes, presenting a series of apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad. They first made these available in January 2010.

AudioFile Magazine contributor, Kirk McElhearn, reports that as of the end of August, Blackstone Audio had released some 400 audiobooks in app format covering all genres from nonfiction to mysteries to young adult. That's quite a feat!

Blackstone Audio also has a website designed to specifically to promote their audiobook apps. Take a gander and see if there is anything that interests or inspires you. Apps are categorized by:

๏ Downloads on sale
๏ Best-selling audiobooks
๏ New audiobook apps
๏ Featured audiobooks
๏ Premium audiobooks

Are You Narrating For Mobile Apps?

I'd love to hear if you've narrated for any apps being sold online via iTunes or on an audio publishers website. If you haven't narrated for any apps, perhaps you've bought one to listen to and enjoy.

Let me know either way!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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    I have downloaded from the app store and yes they are good especially if you are thinking of auditioning for an adaption of a story such as I did for a community theatre group adaptation of The Secret Garden. I also have an audio book of Pratchett's Going Postal which I am listening to as I am in the adapted play of the same name-it is good to hear how the characters sound and react. Yes I intend to apply to read audio books when my Voices presence has samples on it.

    Posted by:
    • Peter Trubody
    • October 12, 2010 6:48 PM

      I had the pleasure of working a short children's book/story called "Nikita The Whale" which is available as an app. In addition to Narrating and doing a couple of character voices, I also got to work with a couple of my kids on it. My son, Elias, is the voice of Nikita, and my daughter, Talia, is the voice of Lydia. We had a lot of fun working on this project.

      Posted by:

        Good morning, Stephanie. I read with interest this morning your Vox Daily about apps. I had the privilege of working on a project that I accepted through Voices.com for an iPod/iPhone app called "ColorCal." It was a great job, and I enjoyed working with the gentleman who had created the app. Of course, it looks great on my resume and in my demos, so it was a win/win for all. Not to mention that I love going to the site which is on YouTube and hearing MY voice describing the app.

        Well, gotta run.......

        Thanks for all you do for me,

        Susan Manhire

        Posted by:

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