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Some Obstacles Teens and Kids Face Getting Talent Agents


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 8, 2010

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Family of four; mom, dad, son, daughterIf you are a parent trying to find talent agency representation for your child, you may discover that aside from the typical challenges, there may also be hesitation on the agent's part due to factors you might not have considered.

What am I referring to?

Find out what this is in today's VOX Daily.

Find It Hard Getting An Agent?

Most people find it difficult to get agency representation as voice over artists. Four common reasons for this are:

1) The agent already has a voice talent on their roster with similar talent
2) The agency is not pursuing new talent at the time
3) An agent is focused on getting their current talent work
4) An agent wants proof that a talent can book before they take someone on

What About Representation for Kids?

Aside from the variables listed above, there is one key variable that people wouldn't think of when trying to get their children representation with some voice over talent agents... the reason being that their kids are under the age of majority and present all kinds of liabilities for agents as well as additional challenges which we'll get into as this conversation progresses.


While children are harder to represent because not only are they underage (age of majority is determined on a state or provincial level), they are also subject to the will and guidance of their parents or legal guardians. Some talent agents find it difficult to represent a person when the final word doesn't come from the client themselves but the client's parents.


Children also pose a unique challenge in terms of their availability. Factors may include schooling, homework, extra curricular activities and so on.

Adolescence Kicks In

Something else to consider is that the child's voice will change gradually, sometimes dramatically, as they age and go through puberty. Simply put, the child you represent one year for a particular sound may grow out of that voice age and all of a sudden you can no longer promote that person for what you may have been sending them on auditions for up until that point.

When you consider legalities, liabilities and general concerns agents may face when representing children, you get a better appreciation for why there aren't many agents willing to go down this road.

Is Getting Representation For Kids Impossible?

If you've been thinking it's impossible, know that there are people who have been able to get an agent for their child. From what I've heard, it may be easier for an adult who already has agency representation to get their kids representation within that same agency. This advantage comes into play because of the relationship that has already been developed between the talent and their agent.

I know of one case where this is true and I'm sure there are other examples out there where this is also true.

Tips on Getting Representation

Roger King of PN Agency in Toronto, Canada has published an engaging and informative podcast on how to get an agent if you'd like to gain more insight into this process. The episode, which can be found on Voice Over Experts, is called "Secrets of an Agent Man: Tips on Getting Representation."

In the future, I will be speaking with Roger King of PN Agency and Ethnic Voice Talent along with Dan Sandor of Vox Talent, also based in Toronto, on a Voices.com webinar where we'll explore representation in general and also take your questions.

Until then, happy voicing and representation seeking!

Best wishes,



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