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Why is Business Voice Over Work So Popular?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 13, 2010

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Three focused business colleagues sitting around a laptopYou might have noticed that Voices.com seems to attract more business related voice over work than any other type and it's true!

While Voices.com does receive work to the site for character voice acting and so on, there is a very good explanation for why the bulk of the jobs posted at our site have a more corporate feel.

Find out why in today's VOX Daily.

Where is Most of the Work in Voice Over?

How do you figure out where the work is coming from and why it's offered?

Let's do a little exercise and ask ourselves the following question:

Who are the people with the money who have the greatest needs most frequently and with the most diverse projects?

It's the people in the corporate sector... in other words, companies that target their prospects, customers and others using a wide variety of methods and strategies.

Wouldn't it make sense that these companies and organizations have the greatest need for what you offer as a voice over artist, or dare I say, a critical component to their brand?

These recordings might be for:

๏ Training materials
๏ Presentations
๏ Telephone systems
๏ Commercials for broadcast radio and television
๏ Audio for the web
๏ Podcasts
๏ eLearning
๏ Audiobooks

Some of this work may not be glamorous but it is still a story you get to tell. You might also find that corporate clients become repeat customers, which of course is the goal :)

What Have You Been Up To?

I'm interested to hear of your experiences with this kind of work. Is recording voice overs for business your bread and butter?

Best wishes,


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    Hi, Stephanie!

    I love these Vox Daily postings! They give me insight, believe me. I am a brand new voice over artist and I would love to have one of these jobs.

    Stephanie Stanley

    Posted by:
    • Stephanie Stanley
    • October 14, 2010 9:47 AM

      It's true, Stephanie!
      Corporate and business clients are terrific clients of mine! I don't rely on just one sector for work, so my VO clients are pretty varied...but the thing I LOVE about my business clients--is that they often are RETURN customers! And some of those clients first came through via Voices.com!

      So thanks to YOU and your staff for linking us together!
      In addition, if there are any businesses out there who need a friendly, great-sounding male voice---(shameless plug)--I'd be happy to talk further with you! Find me at voices.com!

      Posted by:
      • JC Haze
      • October 14, 2010 12:27 PM

        Hi Stephanie,
        This IS my bread and butter. I do very little spot work because I don't look for spot work--I LOOK for corporate narration--my first love. Web site training is HUGE, as is elearning. Tutorials are everywhere, and you never know when a small job will turn into a regular gig and become YOUR bread and butter! Hang tough, newbies--there's enough work for all of us!

        Posted by:

          Hi Stephanie

          I've been thinking about generating some more work in this category. Maybe I'm trying to re-invent the wheel here, but what do you think of the concept: (this is a hypothetical pitch to a client!)

          What is it?

          There are truckloads of articles in your inbox and you're wondering when you're going to get the time to read them all. You DO actually have time while you're driving/travelling to listen to them. Here's where BizPods* (or other term) come in: You've heard about - and may even use - podcasts that may be appropriate to your business concern. But what about getting through the pile of articles on your desk?

          What if someone could read them for you to listen to when you should really be keeping your eyes on the road (or cooking supper, or waiting for a flight or when you just need to rest your eyes and sit back in your office couch)?

          This way you could select a few of your priority articles, or extra reading material for your journey and load them to your smart phone or iPod. That way you can multi task and keep ahead of your reading.

          How does it work?

          You email/courier the reading material you'd like to have transferred to BizPod
          A professional voice artist reads the material
          An MP3 podcast is created, and emailed to you (or sent via FTP)

          Recordings will be booked on a weekly basis, same time each week.

          Posted by:
          • Ashley Dowds
          • October 15, 2010 1:16 PM

            Hi Stephanie.

            From marmalade factory to Dylan Thomas, it’s storytelling! Business VO is a good teacher: if anything, the corporate script or radio spot is the greater challenge: character has to be conjured up from the barest clues, life found in words written for print, impact achieved in 30 seconds. I discovered a tech point as well, auditioning biz work at Voices.com: a mike chosen for natural sound may be great for an audiobook, but unsuited to a hard-edged ad, or for playback on a portable device. To allow for that, I tend now on a business demo to harden up with touch of EQ, and a fair bit of compression, as it might get its first play on anything but a studio monitor. Bread and butter? Not yet, either in USA or UK, but it’s early days and narration cake is the aim!


            Posted by:
            • Howard Ellison
            • October 18, 2010 10:10 AM

              Hi Stephanie,

              For me more than 95% of my work is business related -- narrations, eLearning, real estate home tours, training, etc. Spot work is "spotty" at best. I did a TV:30 for DISH Network last week, but that's the first spot in a couple of months for me. It's okay, though, since I love doing the long-form business projects.

              Posted by:

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