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Who Got the Gig?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 1, 2010

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Arm holding a trophy in the airWhat kind of voice over work have you been up to lately?

Whether you've been doing narration, commercial, promo or telephony, we'd love to hear about your success!

Be sure to comment with what you've been up too in today's VOX Daily.

What's Cooking?

With a new month upon us, I was curious to hear about some of your adventures in voice acting.

Some areas where voice over work is most common are:

Character / Animation

When you get right down to it, it's all voice acting!


Comment with any work you've done or stories about auditions that you'd like to share and join the conversation.

If you feel more comfortable simply saying the kind of work or its application, that's fine. I know that many of you are tied to NDAs or would prefer to keep your voice over clients out of the limelight.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,



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    I was pleased to renew my Voices.com membership last week BUT have been too busy to reply to any leads since October 20th:)

    I spent the weekend finishing up a banking tutorial and have Module 8 for NAPA Auto Parts on the go right now. Hockey imaging was done last week for six games this month for the WHL on Shaw-TV while I have about 15 scripts of commercials to tackle for Inwood Furniture in Inwood, Iowa. This was a Voices.com lead through the advertising agency, James Dugan, Inc., originally back in early 2006.

    One of the cool clients I had the privilege of working with in October was Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc. in Buffalo. They are a leading provider of specialized equipment such as boom, skimmers, specialized boats and accessories, PyroBoom, a unique fireproof boom, and other solutions for oil spill clean-up and containment systems.

    Every Wednesday night I record for the Buffalo Bills and the "Thurman Thomas Show." It has been a LONG season for the team so far but I will support them through thick and thin:)

    Continued success to ALL voiceover folks in November!


    Ralph Hass

    Posted by:

      Good afternoon Stephanie,

      At the end of August, I did a vo for the State of California. It was for a power point on-line training for their educators. Interesting work....the client was very organized and knew exactly what they wanted. I was able to complete the project before the deadline. It was broken down into 53 separate files, but many of them were simple key words to be used in the training. Nice pay too!

      Posted by:

        'The Hole' has been buzzing with great projects (Thank God!)--thanks to colleague and buddy Anne Ganguzza we are just finishing a really cool project for a wonderful bunch of folks in Switzerland (that's all I can say) and I'm in the midst of an entertaining holiday gig!

        Be encouraged--if I can find work, ANYBODY can!

        Posted by:

          Congrats on all the gigs, gang!

          Been busy with a video game for the PSP, trailers for 3 other video games, some anime dubbing, and commercial work.

          Things really picked up this last quarter ;-)

          Here's a YouTube vid for the Halloween game promo from last week:

          Continued success to all!

          Posted by:

            Recorded a lengthy Health Benefits PPP for eBay, an eLearning project for The U of California Irvine, and played an Italian woman in a documentary charity film for the Ronald McDonald House.

            But it's all a numbers game-- how many auditions did I have to submit to get those jobs? I can't count that high!

            Best of luck to all--

            Posted by:

              Our family studio has blessedly busy the last couple weeks. I narrated a Children's Christmas story for Peter Pollack and got to incorporate my young son and husband as fellow and actors and composer. Both my boys (Donovan and Weston Snider) were sought out for holiday spots needing child voices and then we were granted some repeat commercial spots for Little Ceasar's and Round Table Pizza (there's such a theme here, I've been requested to make homemade pizza today!) We also did a charity spot for Reach for the Rainbow and the boys played two young friends in an action adventure short. A banner couple weeks. Thankfully, I didn't tire of editing the boys work as well.

              Thanks for the encouragement that comes with sharing.

              (There were actually a couple more, but that's enough for now.)

              Jeany Van Meltebeke Snider

              Posted by:
              • Jeany Van Meltebeke Snider
              • November 2, 2010 10:14 AM

                This Summer, I was chosen to be the voice of many children's books, through a major publisher. So far, we've recorded over 30 books...and there's more down the pike!

                Never, in a million years, did I think I'd be narrating audio books....let ALONE kids books! But sometimes, when a client hears a voice that's "right" for their project...your phone just rings! So a note to fellow voice overs: cast a WIDE net!
                ...and best of luck in 4th quarter to all!


                Posted by:
                • jc haze
                • November 2, 2010 10:49 AM

                  Yes indeed, things have picked up since Labor Day. While August was quiet, since mid-September, I voiced 3 radio spots for Subway, a spot for Pro Flowers, a slew of TV and radio politicals, worked with a brand new client booked here at Voices.com on a narration, and just completed a very lengthy e-learning job instructing IT professionals in setting up networks and such. Each day brings new challenges as well as surprises. Best wishes to all on their Voiceover endeavors. Like Debbie Irwin said, all that, plus untold hours auditioning.

                  Posted by:

                    Hey, glad to have the summer behind me. S-L-O-W. The Gulf oil spill knocked out a LOT of local & regional clients--some actually closed. It was tough out there. But! Hope springs eternal. My bread and butter client, CitiMortgage, has picked up because of all of the changes in housing lending regulations. A company in Madrid has hired me to do an extensive amount of elearning in English, but the translated copy is a little....awkward. The woman who is my contact must be the only one at the company who speaks and writes English, so it's been a little bit...unusual. My job is to make it SO EASY to work with me that perhaps I can be the go-to gal for future English-speaking projects. Be good to your clients!!! And all the best to all of you!

                    Posted by:

                      More gradual for me - but I am new and learning all I can from the sharing at voices.com and from creating auditions - those that work and the larger number that do not! A group e-workout with the great Kevin Delaney on Saturday brought home how key it is to stretch one's range, though not beyond what's personally plausible! I found the commercials far more challenging than the more narrative test pieces, and as you'd expect, that's how my actual jobs pan out. I guess my heart really is set on audiobooks.

                      I note Jeany involves her family: my wife has a lovely voice but takes a leery view of acting despite being a fine mimic... so that's something to develop. In this lovely biz, two could add up to a lot more than twice one. With seasonal best wishes to all from England. Howard.


                      Posted by:

                        I've been Real Busy with work from VOICES.COM
                        web introductions/Spots/Etc
                        I even now have 104 Posititive Feedbacks on
                        I think thats a record
                        You are the BEST!
                        Joe McMillan

                        Posted by:

                          JUST went to 105 POSITIVE FEEDBACKS
                          Thank You VOICES.COM

                          Posted by:

                            I must say, of all my "pipelines" of audition opportunities, Voices.com sends me THE MOST. I can't even audition for every project that I'd like to. And I echo the sentiments above -- yes, I've had a GREAT last few weeks, but in July and August I was cranking out 6-8 auditions a day with no response. Nothing. Nada.

                            However, I just had a stellar few weeks with returning clients and a few newbies. Xhale Inc. asked me back to update their medical device videos this year, and Websense just sent me two new scripts for their newest software offerings. I was brought into studio to do retakes on a high-profile informercial this week, and also had the pleasure of recording 5 commercial tags for Kroll Ontrack. To top it off, A&E Network brought me back to voice biographies for their online content. [Three of these clients found me originally on Voices.com and keep calling me back].

                            Wowsers, this ain't the normal flow of work I'm used to... but I could learn to live with it!

                            Posted by:
                            • Joe Guay
                            • November 4, 2010 1:40 AM

                              I subscribed in July and I just got my first Spanish voice over job at Voices.com. I love the system and all communication flows very well. I know the summer was slow for many, so I'm looking for many other opportunities to come. Thanks Voices.com!

                              Posted by:

                                Hey folks! I'm fairly psyched that I did work on my very first video game. It was a very simple job... in fact I only read the title... but I'm proud just the same. The game hasn't been released yet. Any feedback or advice at my email address tom@tomconklinvoice.com is very welcome. Here's a link to the trailer on youtube:


                                Continued success everyone!!!


                                Posted by:

                                  I've just finished recording part of an English language course. Nothing new there, but this had to be read very slowly at 100 words per minute. Each word had to be spoken separately and every single syllable had to be pronounced clearly.

                                  I don't think many of us realise just how quickly we speak normally, and how many of our words just naturally run together into one long phrase.

                                  It was certainly challenging trying to fulfil the clients brief, AND try to make it sound like normal conversation - which is pretty much impossible when...you..are...saying...every...single...word...separately

                                  Anyway client was very happy and more work coming my way from them, so maybe I've found my niche, talking slowly?

                                  Posted by:
                                  • Carole
                                  • November 14, 2010 1:35 PM

                                    Thanks again to Voices.com: a much-wanted big book gig came up and I will spend an early spring holiday working up characters - ten of them, several female! It's been so worthwhile updating on tuition, in my case from Kevin Delaney 'VO Ninja' online. Today I got a radio ad job as a (pretend) Brazilian football commentator... to be camouflaged, I hope, by crowd FX! I'm native British-English.

                                    Posted by:

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