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VOpedia.com, New Wiki Resource for the Voice Over Community

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

December 13, 2010

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VOpedia logoHave you created a listing for yourself on VOpedia.com?

Similar to Wikipedia, VOpedia is a wiki specific to voice over talent. Developed by Mahmoud Taji, a Canadian voice talent based in Cairo, VOpedia is a repository of knowledge for all things related to the Voiceover Industry.

Learn more about VOpedia in today's VOX Daily.

VOpedia... Its Time Has Come

This past November, a new resource called VOpedia was added to the growing collection of goodies freely available to the voice over community online. What is VOpedia and why the site might be of interest to you?

Mahmoud Taji explains, "I noticed that most of the questions on voiceover related LinkedIn.com groups and Facebook groups were all pretty much the same, for instance, 'How do I get an agent?' 'How do I setup my ProTools?' 'What is a VST plugin?' I figured it would be a good idea to have a centralized resource where people can contribute these answers and can credit themselves as the source for this information."

To show you an example of what a page could look like, here's a link to our Voices.com page on VOpedia that shares basic information about our company and also gives a detailed history of the company's origins and notable milestones.

While we're filed under "Voiceover Marketplace," you might find that a different category better suits what you are doing and your role as it relates to voice overs and voice acting.

VOpedia is open to contributions from all members of the voiceover community. So, if you're a voice talent, an agent, a coach, a recording engineer, casting director or anyone else involved in voice overs you're welcome to create a listing or add pages to the wiki to share your expertise on a given topic or subject.

Never Created a Page on a Wiki Before?

Mahmoud Taji has compiled some templates for voice artists to use and will continue to provide and publish tutorial articles on his site for people interested in setting up profile pages for themselves and informative articles.

Taji concludes,"All I ask is that people stick to the templates as much as possible and enjoy themselves... this site can only be fully realized with the help of everyone's contributions. The information you provide a fledgling voice artist can make the difference of paid rent and a full tummy... I think that's worth something."

How To Learn More

If you'd like to learn more, you're invited to visit http://www.vopedia.com to access the Voiceover wiki site or visit Taji's Voice Emporium to access the wiki tutorials.

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    Hello Stephanie,

    Thank you so much for writing this article. You guys have been extremely supportive and I hope vopedia.com with your help and the help of other voice artists and agencies truly does become the repository of all things voiceover.

    Thanks again for your support in spreading the word!

    All the best from Cairo!

    Mahmoud Taji

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