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Encouraging Words for Today's Working Voice Actor


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

April 11, 2011

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man's head against a blackboardHow much work is out there? Is there truly enough for everyone?

For every advertised voice over job that you see publicly, so many more exist off the radar or outside of your view!

If you've been waiting to hear someone say that there's voice over work out there to be done, and more than you thought, you're going to enjoy today's VOX Daily.

Some Great News!

Last week, we started a conversation about finding a new way to recognize voice actors for their work, specifically in the field of animation where feature film is concerned. A number of comments rolled in but this one in particular was notable for me.

The thoughts shared by voice talent John Beeman on our Voices.com Facebook page about work and getting work were too good not to be shared! I hope they to encourage and provide greater perspective on the subject of voice over work.

Just Keep Swingin'

"VO jobs are just like the typical 8-5 office job: for every one you see advertised, there are dozens either not being advertised or are being advertised in places you're not looking. Sure, VO opportunities like this (animated film) are a grand slam - we'd all like to be cast as a character voice in a major motion picture. But rather than focusing on the grand slam you didn't get to take a swing at, focus on hitting some singles (pro bono jobs, student projects), doubles (PSAs, corp answering systems), and triples (commercials, indie film narration/trailers). Once the word gets around of how good of a 'hitter' you are, opportunities for home runs (major film narration, trailers) and even grand slams will present themselves. Stay confident, keep sharpening your skills, and make it happen - most of all, just keep swingin'!"

-- John Beeman

What's Your Perspective?

Do you have anything to add to what John said?

Looking forward to your reply!


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    Great article and tremendous encouragement for all. Being a big old baseball fan, I REALLY enjoyed the hitting metaphors.
    Good stuff, John...

    Posted by:


      John hit it out of the park with his comments about "keep swingin'!" It's been my experience that once I start getting busy, more prospects are hearing and seeing my work and I become more forefront in their minds. That often results in more work, if not immediately, eventually. Planning, persistence and patience. The three P's have always worked for me.



      Posted by:

        There's a lot of satisfaction in performing your best. And even for us voiceover pros who work full-time we know that hitting the grand-slam is like winning the Power Ball lotto. So we must always keep performing at our highest potential inside our business and the behind the mic.
        All The Best,
        Bobbin Beam

        Posted by:

          I find your daily articles a must read.

          Posted by:
          • Chip Hammonds
          • April 27, 2011 8:42 AM

            For a newbie, this is like getting a drink of cold water out in the burning desert. Thank you so much!

            Posted by:
            • Gina R Johnson
            • April 28, 2011 2:04 PM

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