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Voices.com Answers is Live!


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 30, 2011

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Voices.com AnswersWhen doing some research lately, it became quite clear that people love to get information from their peers and industry personalities who they trust.

Yesterday, Voices.com launched a new service called Voices.com Answers.

If you've ever wished for a virtual water cooler to discuss your business opportunities, technical challenges and the development of your craft, this is it!

To learn more, continue reading this post.

Any Burning Questions Out There?

Within the last 24 hours, Voices.com launched a new service called Voices.com Answers. Voices.com Answers is meant to help members of the voice over community and provide a platform to share knowledge.

Take a peek at Voices.com Answers now:

Voices.com Hot Questions


What Is Voices.com Answers?

Voices.com Answers is a continuously improving collection of questions and answers that are created, edited and organized by everyone who uses it.

So far there have been questions about finding coaches, products and best practices. No doubt you've got some insight to contribute or at least a question you'd like to ask.

Want To Get The Ball Rolling?

Many of the people reading this post have a membership at Voices.com so participating will be easy. When you've got a moment, log in to your account at Voices.com, visit the Answers area and pose an industry-related question.

Some examples could be:

๏ How often should I update my commercial?
๏ What is the best way to prevent or minimize mouth noises?
๏ Is it okay to do celebrity voice impressions?
๏ Should I invest in an ISDN line? Why or why not?

Let's Get Started!

I hope you'll find this area valuable and will visit often to not only ask questions, but perhaps, even answer a few too!


Thank you for taking some time to check this out.

Happy Asking and Answering!

Best wishes,


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    Answers! Hooray - here's my question, about upload speed. I have moved house and studio to a blissfully quiet location here in Devon UK. Well, I knew download on copper cabling could be slow - about 7 meg - but was not aware that upload would be proportionate: here it is a miserable 300k.
    So chapter-length files take ages - I mean HOURS - to send off. The chief options (apart from delivering wax cylinders by mule) appear to be (A) Forget aif/wav quality and always compress to mp3, which is still very slow. (B) Or use Winzip for Mac.
    So please, can someone advise? For a given size, does a zipped audio file sound better/worse than an mp3? Are studios and small independents in USA happy to handle them?

    Posted by:

      Hi Howard,

      Thanks for posting your question here on VOX Daily! If you'd like to receive answers via our new Voices.com Answers service, please be sure to log in to your Voices.com account and visit this link:


      Once there, you'll be able to copy what you've posted here and paste it in as a question through Voices.com Answers.

      I hope that helps!

      Best wishes,


      Posted by:

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