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Voices.com Presents at PodCamp London 2011


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 10, 2011

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PodCamp London 2011 LogoWill you be going to PodCamp London (Canada) on Saturday June 11, 2011?

Voices.com is sponsoring PodCamp London and will also serve as presenters speaking on the topics of social media and search engine optimization.

If you can't make the event in person, be sure to catch the live stream! More details to follow in today's VOX Daily.

PodCamp London 2011

This is the third year that Voices.com has taken part in and sponsored our local PodCamp! We're excited to engage our community, be a resource and also to give back. That's what PodCamp is all about, isn't it?

PodCamp London will be hosted at our old home in the University of Western Ontario's Research Park at the Convergence Centre. The PodCamp team has done a great job getting the show on the road and will have a kickoff open house this evening (Friday June 10, 2011) at the unLondon headquarters in the Convergence Centre.

Both David and I will be speaking tomorrow morning and Voices.com's Ashley Hall and Kathy Clee will be there to support us! Here's more information in case you'd like to tune in.

Voices.com Sessions

Crowd-Sourcing Content For Your Blog Through Social Media
by Stephanie Ciccarelli, Chief Marketing Officer, Voices.com

Are you trying to find more ways to engage visitors to your site or readers of your blog? Learn how to leverage content generated through conversations on social media channels and how doing so can help keep your content fresh and relevant while building valuable content on your site for search engines. Also discover how crowd-sourcing content for your primary site can strengthen your communities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Time: 10:30 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. EST
Location: Maple Room

10,000 Facebook Fans: How we did it and you can too!
by David Ciccarelli, Chief Executive Officer, Voices.com

If you've been wondering how to gain a following on Facebook, all it takes is passion, quality content and leveraging the power of social media! Find out how Voices.com built its fan base, both organically and through paid advertising on Facebook in this engaging presentation.

Time: 11:00 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. EST
Location: Elm Room


You can learn more about the full list of sessions offered and the times they are scheduled to take place by clicking on the links below:

PodCamp London Sessions
PodCamp London Schedule

PodCamp London has made plans to Live Stream and Record the sessions, indicating that they will make all of the media accessible after the event. If you want to keep current on that front, check their blog closer to the event for links to the Live Video as well as the Back Channel Chat!

For those of you who want to follow the insights on Twitter, you can keep track of the unconference with the PodCamp London Twitter hashtag: #pcl011

We look forward to seeing you if you can make it! Stay in touch via Twitter and use the hashtag provided :)

Best wishes,


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