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8 Reasons Why You Should Host a Party For Your Business


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 15, 2011

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Ribbon being cut by scissors surrounded by confettiEveryone likes a party, right?

Friday September 16th, 2011 marks the date of Voices.com's Launch Party in celebration of our company's expansion and move into downtown London.

Hear about our preparations and gather ideas on how you can host a party or open house to attract new clients and rekindle relationships with existing clients.

Inviting People Into Your World

Rare are the occasions in life where you can gather a diverse crowd of people related to your business all under one roof to celebrate. That being said, Voices.com is about to do just that by rallying the business community in London, ON Canada around the growth of our company and our move to Richmond Row leasing space at 150 Dufferin Avenue.

Generally our team is on the other side of an invitation as guests and we're excited to host an event. This is our first big bash in our hometown and a lot of planning and thought has been put into how our launch party will go.

The event will truly be an "all hands on deck" endeavour that we hope will show our local community what their support means to us.

In Need Of A Reason To Throw A Party?

You don't need to wait for a special occasion to have people over. If you'd rather think of it as an Open House, this sort of thing could happen at any point with no purpose other than to introduce who you are, what you do and how you can be of service to those in your city.

If you need some convincing as to why this might be a good idea...

8 Reasons For Throwing a Party or an Open House

๏ Meet new people
๏ Reconnect with current and past clients
๏ Give a tour of your studio
๏ Teach about what you do
๏ Share how you can help other businesses
๏ Get some press from local papers
๏ Attract interest for potential collaboration
๏ Make yourself available to mentor / take on a co-op student


You can probably see it all coming together, but wait! What about all of the practical things that need to be done? Before you start inviting people, be sure that you first consider:

๏ The number of many people you'd like to come
๏ What you're providing in terms of food and beverages
๏ Your budget (food, decorations if any, cost of sending invitations, etc.)
๏ How you want to send out invitations (email, post, etc.)
๏ How you're going to manage RSVPs
๏ The amount of notice you'll give to guests before the party
๏ Phrasing for the invitation
๏ Detailing the occasion in the invitations
๏ Providing guests with a map to your studio or place of work
๏ Whether or not you'll give a formal (or informal) speech
๏ Inviting local dignitaries
๏ Local media coverage


Planning for this party has been like reliving the planning for our wedding!

Hosting an event may seem overwhelming to you as it has been at times for us. This is why it's important to involve at least one other person in this process and divvy up the tasks.

Our team has been collaborating on this initiative now for several months from initial discussions about the event through to individual responsibilities leading up to, during and after the event.

There are Voices.com staff assigned to greeting those who arrive, running interactive stations and mingling with guests. The food is being taken care of by the Windermere Manor and Adam Caplan of web.isod.es will be filming short interviews with a number of people at the event to capture the moment.

If you are a one-person show, ask for help from family and friends!


Give A Live Demo

You might want to do something special like give a demonstration of what you do or let others step into the booth and try to read a voiceover. People love to see "how the pros do it" and also like to try things themselves.

Let Your Guests Record

If you have some copy prepared for guests to read, you'll find that a number of people will take you up on the offer to "be a voice actor" for a few minutes. A nice gesture might be to record what they say and then send it to them by email afterward or build a page on your site where they can go and download their file later.


Something else that is fun and unique is hearing your own voice played back to you. Many people don't know how they sound to others and seldom get the opportunity to hear their own voice as others hear it. Be advised that while some people don't mind others hearing their recordings through the speakers, there will be others who prefer to put the headphones on to listen to their playback.

The Experience Economy

If you can give someone an "experience," they are more likely to remember you and what you do. People remember how you made them feel more than they'll remember what you said. An experience (make sure it's a positive one!) therefore is far better in terms of building a rapport than say simply passing out business cards and small talk.

Whether you're a voice actor or not, giving people a tangible experience doing something related to your business is an excellent way of teaching, sharing your work and building relationships.

Any Comments?

If you've hosted a party for your business before or have been invited to one and want to share your experiences, be sure to comment!

Best wishes,



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    So excited for the Launch Party today! All of the hard work will finally pay off :-)

    Posted by:

      This is a great idea from any business, Stephanie. It sure gives a face to the people in voice over work! And I'll be sure to take notes at your launch party!
      Doug J.

      Posted by:
      • Doug Jeffery
      • September 16, 2011 2:22 PM

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