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Apple iPhone 4S Siri Voice


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 15, 2011

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siri-iphoneThe new Apple iPhone 4S release includes a new feature and companion...Siri!

Who couldn't do with a personal assistant at times, especially one that listens and helps to decipher what you might need in greater detail.

Hear more about what Siri is and how it works in today's VOX Daily.

Hi Siri

Say hello to Siri, a new feature in Apple's iPhone 4S. Siri can do all sorts of things for you such as make a call, find a business and get directions, schedule reminders and meetings, search the web, and more.

For our purposes, I'm going to focus more on the voice over component than on other features of Siri and the iPhone 4S.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Siri speaks and understands the following languages:

๏ English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia)
๏ French (France)
๏ German (Germany)

In 2012, Apple promises that Siri will support additional languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish.

According to Apple, Siri can be enabled in any country, and you can choose to speak to it in English, French, or German. However, Siri is designed to recognize the specific accents and dialects of the supported countries listed above. Since every language has its own accents and dialects, the accuracy rate will be higher for native speakers.

The Guardian cites that people are having difficulties with Siri understanding accents.

Voice Of Siri

Who is the voice of Siri? One source told me it was Peter Coyote but as Joshua pointed out below, the voice (the English voice at least) of Siri is female.

Has Siri's voice made waves? Does Siri sound like what people were expecting to hear?

Gizmodo posted a blog entry that invited people to submit who they think the voice of Siri should sound like. You can follow this discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #mysirivoice

I don't know who the voice talent are so if you know, do leave a comment with the talent's name and the language they are speaking as Siri!

If you have the new iPhone 4S or have firsthand experience using one and exploring how Siri can help you, I'd love to hear from you as well.

Best wishes,


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    Why you dont put spanish language in SIRI??? Spanish is one of the 3 biggest language in the world. And dont tell that is dificult because 35% on the u.s people are bilingual.
    Plis let me know if theRe is anyway to changed to spanish

    Posted by:
    • George luis albors
    • October 19, 2011 4:17 AM

      That is NOT Peter Coyote providing the Siri voice. It's a female. Peter Coyote is, however, the voice of the iPad 2 commercials currently airing nationally.

      Posted by:
      • JoshuaF
      • October 20, 2011 12:45 AM

        Hi Joshua,

        Thank you for the clarification. I should have found more information to confirm that beforehand. The reference to Peter Coyote has been removed.

        Best wishes,


        Posted by:
        • Stephanie Ciccarelli
        • October 20, 2011 9:24 AM

          The British Siri voice is male - you can hear it by switching your "Region Format" setting (in the settings app, "settings" -> "general" -> "international" -> "region format" to "United Kingdom".

          Posted by:

            And the British male voice actor is Jon Briggs. Since he doesn't have an agreement with Apple (he voiced for another company, which was bought by a company that was then bought by Apple) he is free to talk about it in the article.


            Posted by:

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