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How Character Voices and Accents Can Get You Noticed


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 11, 2011

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Fun female recording artistHave you ever made a character voice over demo before?

One of the trends I've seen over the last few years is talent recording a video of themselves performing their accents in succession without any editing. The wow factor is pretty high on those videos and a lot of attention comes their way if the video is interesting enough.

See a few examples of how you can bring your character voices to life using video and audio in today's VOX Daily.

Cool Voices Are Trending

You might have noticed that there is a lot of talk about interesting, homemade videos that include voiceovers on YouTube. A number of actors are using YouTube as a means to get themselves in front of casting directors and agents. Voice talent are no exception.

Video seems to be a great way to not only get the attention of those who might cast you but also to be seen by anyone and everyone. Thanks to social media, sharing content is as easy as pie. If people find your video or audio to be interesting, they will share it with their friends and expose your talent to their networks thereby helping your content to go "viral."

Great Examples

One example I can think of regarding accents is Amy Walker and her 21 accents video. She took a simple concept and spun it 21 ways to become a YouTube sensation. Click play on the video as her accents speak for themselves.

Something else you could do is read an excerpt from a book using multiple character voices or impressions. Jim Meskimen is enjoying success having produced a video of his celebrity voice impressions performing Clarence's speech from William Shakespeare's Richard III.

You could do similar things with audio only of course. An example of this is a character voice over demo made by voice talent James K. Flynn using the text 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Even though I first heard this demo over 5 years ago, I still remember it and James' demo remains a reference point for me when thinking of great character demos.

Do You Have Any Demos Like This?

If you have unique demos promoting your voice, I'd love to hear about them! Be sure to provide a link to where we can hear them. If they are on your Voices.com profile, be sure to include the Demo URL for easy listening.

Best wishes,



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    I have an animation demo and a video game demo that are both filled with character voices, but they are not formatted in any special way like these.

    Posted by:

      I LOVE doing accents...here is my (voices.com) link:


      Tale care and sunny greetings from the Canary Islands! :)


      Posted by:
      • Ramesh Mahtani
      • October 12, 2011 10:39 AM

        Yes, Amy Walker is inspirational. Her entire being is transformed in seconds. Not to be missed.
        Because of The Kings Speech, I do have a modest mp3 of pre-war characters at http://www.voices.com/demo_detail/76198
        Dressing up a bit helped to create them, so video... why not? But..oh!..no editing?

        Posted by:

          I'm all about silly and crazy! ;)

          Posted by:

            I've seen both Amy Walker and Jim Meskimen, and they're fantastic! I was especially blown away at how accurate Amy's SoCal accent was spot on, considering I'm from there myself =]
            Here's a link to my demo on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KNOTmD1ZTg
            Here's also a quick link to my Voices.com profile: http://www.voices.com/people/michellelenne
            Have a great day!

            Posted by:
            • Michelle Deco
            • October 24, 2011 2:02 PM

              Thanks so much for posting! You have inspired me to create something that is going to be as good as these guys....stay tuned...I am telling you this as now I will have to make it!
              I'm getting back into the impression biz.! Thanks for the kick up the you know what.

              All da best
              Tom Brom

              Posted by:

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