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Tips For Succeeding On Voices.com

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 3, 2011

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Voices.com tips for Peter K. O'ConnellGot any tips on how to book voiceover jobs at Voices.com?

Professional voice talent Peter K. O'Connell is dipping his toe into the site for the first time and we thought it would be nice to give him a few tips to help him find his way and succeed!

If you have any tips to share with Peter, be sure to add them and join the conversation in today's VOX Daily.

The Great Voices.com Experiment

You might have noticed that Peter K. O'Connell is chronicling his experience using the site for 30 days. He's calling it The Great Voices.com Experiment.

Peter hasn't used the site as a Premium member in a number of years and a lot has changed since then. Instead of throwing him in head first without study notes or guidance of any sort, I thought it might be interesting and useful if we provided him with some ideas on how he can maximize his presence to attract more visitors to his profile and send in auditions that will catch the ear of prospective audio'connell clients.

Tips For Peter

The first tip I always offer to anyone on the site is to complete your profile and make sure that you are receiving email notifications for the work you think you ought to be auditioning for.

As I said, a lot has changed since Peter last subscribed years ago and whatever he has in his profile and preferences will determine the bulk of activity that he experiences.

Once the profile has been attended to, auditioning with custom demos is good form especially when a client attaches a script for talent to review. You'd be surprised by how appreciative clients are of talent who do this and how greatly is contributes to making the cut.

Lastly Peter, make sure that you stay in touch with Voices.com. If anything isn't going as you'd expected or you have something you want to bring to our attention, customer service is available by email, live chat and phone.

Do You Have Any Tips For Peter?

If you've found success using Voices.com and would like to pass some tips along to Peter that would make his experience even better, be sure to let him know by commenting on this article!

What's worked for you? Add a comment now.

Best wishes,


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    So happy to contribute my tips to no one other than Peter, whom I greatly admire! I have had great success with voices.com. I always endeavor to write a very personal "cover letter", expressing a genuine interest in the job I'm auditioning for, highlighting how I've done many similar jobs (and documenting it by attaching demos if possible) and most importantly, since I've collected many testimonials over the year, I never fail to include a strong testimonial from a very similar client. I have a pretty high rate of success with my auditions when I am careful about auditioning only for the kind of VO's that I'm best suited to and when 80 others haven't auditioned before me. I keep it to 20 or less. I hope this helps you, Peter, and others as well!

    Posted by:

      @rosi I am a new premium member and I appreciate your tips! I am curious...how can you tell how many people have auditioned for a particular job?

      Posted by:

        I wish him the best of luck, but 30 days may only be enough to get one or two jobs if you are very lucky. It helps being a professional and knowing what you are doing, but websites like voices.com are a totally different type of game. It's hard to stand out in the crowd with only a 30 day test trial. If you want to be discovered, you could be working on demos daily (all day everyday). In the end, knowing what genres you fit into cuts your work in half.

        Posted by:

          Perform every audition you get! Each one - even with ghastly copywriting - is a chance to discover your strengths (they will surprise you) and what you'd like to develop or discard in the longer run. Auditions build a reserve of demo material.

          Where no script is supplied, improvise one and invite real copy. As to competition, I promise you can win a paid gig even with 40 people ahead, but it's better to be quick. Over a period, you pick up tremendous tips from Vox Daily and on the Voices.com place at LinkedIn.
          Oh, and (from one who made a good choice not to quit) give your trial longer than 30 days! Best of luck.

          Posted by:

            Get your auditions in fast and make sure they are clean sounding. The bookings I have with Voices keep me very busy between other work.

            Posted by:
            • David Kaplan
            • October 4, 2011 9:51 AM

              I hope you will post the results of this 30 experiment. It should be revealing. Is Peter going to gracefully decline any work he gets in favour of those of us who have invested in voices.com?

              Posted by:

                Hi Cal,

                Peter is paying for a monthly subscription. He is keeping track of his experience on his own blog and I trust he will post his results as he sees fit. We (Voices.com) found out about his experiment after he had posted on his blog.



                Posted by:
                • Stephanie Ciccarelli
                • October 4, 2011 5:01 PM

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