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London ABCs App Voiced By Voices.com Talent

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

January 25, 2012

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Julie Brandl at the London Public Library using the London ABCs appDo you know your ABCs?

Looking for an app that makes learning the alphabet fun?

A new app in Apple's App Store will do more than simply teach you alphabet...it will also introduce you to the many wonderful things you can see and do in London, Ontario Canada!

Hear more about an app that got its voice at Voices.com in this review of London ABCs.

London Calling

Our company, Voices.com, was mentioned in a London Free Press article by Kelly Pedro covering the London ABCs app built by one of our friends, Echidna Solutions Corp.

The free app, brought to you by ThisIsLiteracy.ca, helps preschoolers learn their alphabet and introduces the littlest Londoners to local landmarks and places of significance in the Forest City.

This Canadian effort fittingly includes a Canadian voice! Vancouver Island-based voice over artist, Erin Setch, was hired to record the voice commentary. Erin's fresh voice was just what Andrew McClenaghan, president of Echidna Solutions, was looking for.

After working with Setch, McClenaghan said, "Erin did a fantastic job for us! She was quick and accommodating. Our client is very happy with the voice over work and Erin was a great fit on this project."

Voice Commentary

I was eager to download this app for a number of reasons. Which landmarks made the cut? How they were presented? What the voice over sound like and how it was used? Let's dig into the voice over.

The voice over in London ABCs is used for two purposes, being to:

1. Introduce and enunciate the letter and connect it with a relevant word.
2. Share one fact or item of interest about the depicted landmark associated with the letter.

For those interested, the last letter in the alphabet, Z, is pronounced "Zed" and not as "Zee," highlighting the Canadian flavour of the app.

This app has been tested by two of my children, one a preschooler and the other six months of age. Setch's voice and the images on the screen captivated baby Olivia, and in our house, we always say that you're never too young to learn!

That being said, even if you don't live in London, ON Canada, this literacy app is a welcome addition to the collections of parents with young children. The local anecdotes serve as an education on a place you've never been, and perhaps might even inspire you to plan a trip!

Where To Get London ABCs

To download the London ABCs app for free, go to:


Do You Have This App?

Comment and let us know how it's helped you or someone you love!

Best wishes,


Photo courtesy The London Free Press

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