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MyVoice App Helps People Overcome Speech Challenges


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

January 23, 2012

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iPhone 3 MyVoice AppDo you know anyone who has lost their voice or finds it hard to communicate verbally?

Toronto-based MyVoice Inc., founded by Alexander Levy, has opened doors for thousands of people suffering from speech and language challenges through the revolutionary mobile app, MyVoice.

After doing a fair bit of reading on the subject, I took the app for a spin to see how it works and learn more about the voices used.

Want to learn more?

Hear about this wonderful app and how it is giving a voice to the voiceless in today's VOX Daily.


Alexander Levy, founder, CEO and lead designer of MyVoice Inc., has developed a game-changing app for those who have difficulty speaking. What started as a university research project has turned into a Canadian company offering a salable product that gives people with speech and language difficulties access to better, more advanced products at lower prices with more affordable options.

The MyVoice mobile app, which runs on Apple and Android smartphones and tablet computers, helps the deaf and people with speech disorders, such as stroke survivors and those with autism, to converse audibly.

MyVoice has received praise from people ranging from the Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation, a speech language pathologist and a medical doctor to name just a few. Entire communities supporting people with speech and language difficulties have rallied around this product and are embracing the groundbreaking technology.

What Does MyVoice Do?

According to a recent feature in PROFIT, MyVoice comes pre-populated with common words and phrases, and with a few taps of a screen, the device enunciates a desired sentence. If you click a folder entitled "I want," you'll be given a choice of logical options, such as "one ticket" or "a coffee." Let's say you're at a Starbucks and crave a tall, non-fat, extra hot Chai latte. You can easily populate the app with that command. And when you enter your local café, the GPS capabilities in your device will recognize your location and pull up the relevant cue.

I downloaded a free version of the app and tested it with my son. There are many different things you can do using the free app. Our favourite was typing in phrases for MyVoice to read aloud and listening to the sample voices.

The Voices of MyVoice

A free, limited version of the app is available for download including one voice to start. The default voice is Dave, an American accented male voice. If you'd like to add voices, you can purchase voices for $4.99 each and choose from:

๏ British female voice "Kate"
๏ British male voice "Simon"
๏ American female voice "Susan"

MyVoice Plus is available to users on a monthly or annual subscription basis and allows for more functionality and packages. Proceeds from these sales, says Levy, go towards making better speech aids.

Are You The Voice of an App?

Let me know which app(s) you are the voice of! I'd love to hear from you.

Best wishes,


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    My son has autism, and speech delays, but is able to express himself verbally. Many others know what they want to say, but the wiring is missing to get the message to the mouth. I love apps like this and especially the GPS function that makes choosing the right words more intuitive (intuition being something most autistic folks struggle with as well).

    As a voice talent, I've voiced the web description of "iflower" and provided the voice for an alphabet learning app for a developer in Poland called "World of Words." I got the gig here and had a blast. We'll be working together on a number app later.

    Posted by:

      I am interested in My Voice because I have a motor neuron disease and will lose my ability to speak. Before I do, I would like to record my own voice in an easy-to-use app. I can find no information about recording your own voice. Free and once-month versions are listed or mentioned on blogs and the My Voice website but I cannot find any way to try it without buying the full priced version. I have an Ipad and an Iphone and think that this is what I've been looking for. There seems no way to contact My Voice unless you buy the app. The reviews are not good on Itunes. I am hoping that some problems are fixed. I am frustrated.

      Posted by:
      • Marilyn Palmer
      • July 17, 2012 2:42 PM

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