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Ashley Davidson, Employee of the Month


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 14, 2012

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Voices.com CEO David Ciccarelli with Ashley Davidson, Employee of the Month, February 2012

Voices.com is elated to announce our most recent employee of the month, Ashley Davidson!

Join me in congratulating Ashley and learn more about her role at Voices.com in today's VOX Daily.

Meet Ashley Davidson

Considered to be Voices.com's #1 cheerleader, Ashley (nee Hall) Davidson first came to our company in 2009 after completing the Radio Broadcasting/Journalism program at Fanshawe College where she majored in On-Air Announcing and minored in Marketing, Sales & Promotions. Ashley's first role within our organization was Account Executive. Within a few short months, her passion for marketing and desire to be more involved with our customers in a social context resulted in the creation of the position she currently holds, that being Voices.com's Social Media Manager.

Ashley's cheerful presence is always appreciated and her bubbly personality permeates the office. There's never a dull moment or black rain cloud hanging around when Ashley's at the helm serving our customers in the brave new world of social media.

Shoot For The Stars, Ash!

Many of Ashley's Voices.com teammates contributed specific things during the nomination process that let us know why they felt she was deserving of the nod. I've shared some of what was said below:

๏ Ashley has clearly been doing a very good job in her role as Social Media manager, as evidenced by the great leaps in our fan base recently. She is always the first to bring good news the huddle, and does a great job on the social committee planning and organizing fun events for the Voices.com team. Ashley also goes above and beyond by engaging the London community on behalf of Voices.com through participation in a variety of speaking engagements.

๏ Ashley thoroughly enjoys being Voices.com's Social Media Manager, and she gives all her tasks 100% every single day. The reason why I believe she is the employee of the month is because even though she works hard and excels, she is actually one of the funniest people to work with. She's enthusiastic, and is always looking for ways to make improvements to Voices.com.

๏ Ashley is always up for a new challenge and has taken on many additional tasks. She doesn't hesitate to jump right in and help other departments when they are in need. She maintains a positive attitude and loves to spread cheer around the office. She is a fantastic spokesperson for Voices.com and an ideal candidate for Employee of the Month!

๏ Ashley consistently engages the Voices.com community through webinars, social media and at live events. She is an excellent ambassador for the company and has represented Voices.com on radio interviews, been quoted in articles and has served as a panelist at local events.

๏ Ashley is generous with her time and has used her skills in the past to assist with Voices.com video productions, including hair, makeup and wardrobe. She is always pitching in whenever and wherever she can, helping to make every effort a success.

๏ Ashley is able to motivate others and is never short on spirit. Her genuine desire to participate and share ideas has made her a valuable member of the Voices.com team.

Congratulations, Ashley!

We're fortunate to have Ashley on our team and are grateful for the vivaciousness she brings to the workplace, online and to our local business community. It will be my privilege to attend VOICE 2012 and present a session with Ashley. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that we look forward many more years of working together to make Voices.com and our industry a brighter, more exciting place to be!

If you have anything you'd like to share with Ashley, feel free to comment below.

With warm regards,

Stephanie Ciccarelli
Co-founder of Voices.com

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    Wow! I am blown away! What a fantastic post with so many heart felt words. I am so humbled and honored to be recognized by my peers and colleagues. I also look forward to many great years of working together. Thank you so much :-)

    Posted by:

      Way to go, Ashley! You certainly deserve it!

      Posted by:

        I can attest to Ashley's merits having been on the receiving end of them! You go girl!

        Congrats on receiving the award this month!

        Posted by:

          Congratulations to Ashley!

          Posted by:
          • Stacey Stahl
          • March 15, 2012 11:58 AM

            It's about time lol We love you Ashley

            Posted by:

              Thank you Paul, Debbie, Stacy and Deb! Your words are so kind and thoughtful. Definitely put a smile on my face :-)

              Posted by:

                Dear Ashley:
                I listened to your "Makeover Monday" today and decided that
                "Yes" I would like to register as a guest in the future. I'm assuming
                that means an evaluation is done of the talent's profile. Is that
                correct? The more we learn the more we can make improvements.

                Thank You,
                Rosie g.

                Posted by:
                • Rosie Goodman
                • April 16, 2012 5:32 PM

                  Hi Rosie,

                  Thank you for your comment and question! Ashley will follow up with you soon.

                  Best wishes,

                  Posted by:

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