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How To Use The Voices.com iPhone App As A Voice Talent


By Ashley Davidson

May 8, 2012

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Voices.com iPhone app iconEver find yourself out of the studio when an amazing audition comes in?

Instead of waiting until you get back, you can now record on your mobile device with Voices.com's new app!

With the Voices.com app for iPhone, auditioning is faster and easier than ever before.

Want to seize the moment whenever you need to from wherever you happen to be?

Find out more about what the app can do for you and your voice-over career in today's VOX Daily.

It's Here!

May 7th marked the date that the Voices.com app was released to the world, and what a great release it was!

If you've not heard of the app before, this little piece of technological goodness is perfect for voice-over talent, actors and narrators looking for voice-over work. You can use the app as a current member of the site and even sign up for an account if you're new to Voices.com straight from the app!

For those who are new, you are able to quickly create a profile by selecting your gender, language, age range and areas of expertise. With Voices.com's iPhone app, you also have the ability to record a demo or audition right from your iPhone. Pretty cool, eh?

Whenever a public job posting matches your profile, you will be invited to audition and can reply or record the audition right from your iPhone.

Our Premium and Platinum members are just loving this! Of the people we've heard from, this feature is a godsend and has made auditioning and communicating with clients easy anytime, from anywhere.

How Does The App Work?

Watch this video to find out how you can start booking jobs using the Voices.com iPhone App!

AppStore Listing

Try these features out for yourself as well as our many others by downloading the Voices.com iPhone app for FREE in the AppStore.

Once you've taken the app for a spin we'd love to hear your thoughts!

To download the app click the following link:

For more information on the Voices.com iPhone App visit, https://www.voices.com/iphone

Best wishes,

Stephanie, David and the Voices.com Team

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    Are you able to edit the auditions that you record within the app? Or do you need to get a perfect take?

    Posted by:
    • VOX Daily Reader
    • May 8, 2012 4:54 PM

      Can I make make it happen with my Droid ?
      We need a Droid app here.
      Alot of people don't do Iphones.

      Posted by:
      • Steve Hopper
      • May 8, 2012 5:20 PM

        Hi Steve,

        Thank you for your comment and question. We will start developing a Voices.com app for Android once we have completed an app for the Apple iPad and anticipate the Android app becoming available within the year.

        Thank you again for your interest!

        Best wishes,

        Posted by:

          Hi there,

          The iPhone app does not allow for editing, however, when our app is released for the iPad, you will definitely be able to edit auditions recorded within the app.

          Great question! Thank you for asking.

          Best wishes,

          Posted by:

            I searched via my iPhone for for the app, located it, and was hoping to download it, but I was disappointed to receive the error message that, unfortunately, it requires 4.3...:(

            Posted by:

              Question - Does anyone know of a mic I can attach to my iPhone/iPad. I hate the way I sound on the iPhone mic.

              Ed G

              Posted by:

                Hi Ed,

                Thank you for commenting and for your question! Here's a link to where you can read about 5 microphones that you can use with the iPhone/iPad:


                I hope this helps!

                Best wishes,

                Posted by:

                  It would be nice to have not just the Hiring and Answered mail boxes, awarded would be nice as well. thanks

                  Posted by:

                    I like the app, and I think it's a great start. One thing I would add, especially to the iPad version, is a way to read the script while I'm recording. That should pretty much be a no-brainer. I typically don't print out scripts, preferring to save paper and read right off the device.

                    I would also like the ability to edit my recording, and maybe even include a noise filter. After all, when we're out and about, we can't always sneak into a nice quiet recording environment.

                    Posted by:
                    • brian
                    • May 11, 2012 10:38 AM

                      Hi Brian,

                      Thank you for commenting and for your suggestions.

                      The iPad app will allow talent to edit files. You won't have to be a one-take wonder! The script is also above the recording tool on the screen. I'm not sure if you've used the iPhone app as it is now but you are able to see the sample script when recording.

                      A noise filter is a great idea. I will run that by David and Jamie to see if they have already accounted for that feature.

                      Best wishes,

                      Posted by:

                        Does not allow me to save my audition. Any suggestions?

                        Posted by:
                        • Jake
                        • December 5, 2012 7:03 PM

                          Hi Jake,

                          Thank you very much for your comment and observation.

                          When you record an audition on the iPhone app, it attaches the file directly to your audition. The app doesn't save your audition in the music player but it is saved to your submission for the job you auditioned for. I hope that helps! Here's a link to the Voices.com iPhone App User Guide for Voice Talent:


                          Best wishes,

                          Posted by:

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