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Yodeling Pickles And Rubber Chickens


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 9, 2012

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Joe J. Thomas with the yodelling pickleJoe J. Thomas gave a presentation at VOICE 2012 sharing useful tips for navigating your career through the interesting twists and turns that come your way entitled, You Can't Get There From Here.

During his presentation, he gave away some funky prizes, including yodeling pickles!

There's always a story...and in today's VOX Daily, you'll get to hear something that could only happen in the wonderful, sometimes zany world of voice acting.


Joe J. Thomas You might be wondering why yodeling pickles and rubber chickens figure so prominently in this article.

Truth is often stranger than fiction and today's encounter is no exception!

Once upon a time in a faraway land, a voice actor named Joe J. Thomas entered a contest, a yodeling contest.

Little did he know, his melodious yodel would win him a near lifetime supply of rubber chickens that would help him brand his business in a humorous, yet brilliant way and book him gigs voicing fowl aplenty.

Not bad for just a yodel, eh?

Sounds Rather Whimsical, Doesn't It?

Yodelling pickleThe yodel Joe submitted for the contest turned out to be the voice of a yodeling pickle and the rubber chickens he received as a prize have been clucking in the minds of those he's bestowed his parting gifts to after studio sessions.

I was privileged to witness a live demonstration of how the yodeling pickle works. The video below provides a similar experience.

After hearing this yodel, you'll never be the same!

And, The Rubber Chickens?

After providing the voice of a chicken, Joe left one of his rubber chickens at the studio sure enough to be called back months later to voice a turkey. Why? They had the chicken which reminded them of Joe.

Isn't it amazing how a trinket or seemingly ridiculous gimmick can stick in the minds of your customers past present and future?

What About You?

Do you leave anything at studios or give little gifts to your clients to remember you?

Be sure to comment and let me know!

Best wishes,


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    ...It was a wonderful presentation reminding us that success comes in a lot of different ways--and that one size does NOT fit all! And YES--holding down an honored spot in 'The Hole' is my very own, handy dandy, squeeze-it-when-I-need-it 'Yodeling Pickle'! Yowzah!!...

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