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Do You Have A Facebook Page For Your Business?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 13, 2012

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Andrew Schiestel of tbk CreativeMost businesses have a page that enables them to interact with customers and fans on Facebook.

Do you have one?

I'd love to hear from you!

If you don't have one yet, a video in this article will show you how to create your own business Facebook page.

Be sure to watch one of our past webinars with Andrew Schiestel of tbk Creative (pictured at left) and join the party on today's VOX Daily!

Why You Need A Facebook Page For Business

Connecting with people is very important, both in general terms and as someone who is running a business. Social media platforms such as Facebook have afforded brands to become more accessible to their customers and enable fans to engage with the brand online.

All this talk of brands may have you wondering why anything I said applies to you as a voice actor. The fact of the matter is that all voice talent are in business and as such, you have a brand whether you know it or not!

That being said, many voice actors have branched out to create Facebook pages to share their voice samples, post about their latest achievements and detail facts about their business and industry that those they serve are interested to hear.

Examples of Voice Actors with Facebook Brand Pages

Facebook logoI found some pages you might want to study when building your business Facebook page. These voice actors are Facebook well to reach their customers, keep them informed and engaged.

Terry Daniel
Shelley Baldiga
John Lano
Randye Kaye
Mike Cooper
Posy Brewer

How To Create Your Facebook Page

A while ago, our Social Media Manager Ashley Davidson interviewed one of our friends Andrew Schiestel at tbk Creative. They discussed how to make a Facebook page. Andrew's company helps businesses manage their social media and helps to orchestrate strategies around current affairs tied to the brand that make his clients more relevant to both the public as a whole but also to their existing customers and fans.

The following webinar recording (which runs 68 minutes) is an education on how you can use Facebook to promote your voice-over business using specific examples from leading brands and insight from one of Canada's most tuned-in experts in social media.

If you are having trouble seeing this video, you can watch the recording here.

Do You Have a Facebook Page For Your Business?

Be sure to comment with a link to where we can see your page!

Best wishes,

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    great article - and, hey, thanks for including me in it!
    all are welcome to come and "like" my page - love to see you there!

    Posted by:

      Hi, thanks for this! I'm just trying to get my page started, and always find it challenging. Come & check out my page too -- "likes" are appreciated!

      Posted by:

        Yup.. I have a Facebook page and even had a political ad client find me that way! :)

        Posted by:

          Great article Stephanie! I haven't had my page for long (thanks for the mention), but it has been a fun adventure. I'm always amazed by who I connect with and in which venues. Facebook opens up another door!

          Posted by:

            Great words of advice. It takes some effort to stay up to date and active, but I think it can be very useful when used correctly. Not to mention, it's the best four letter word of all time: FREE.

            I appreciate the shout out as well!

            If you happen to stop by and "like" my page, be sure to mention that Stephanie and the team at Voices.com sent you. :)

            Posted by:

              I always wonder how to get more use out of my FB page, this helps!

              Posted by:

                Great article with lots of useful advise. My page has been up for about three months. I'm an author that works with voice actors for narration of my Children's book Apps. Keeping active is the best advise since likes are always appreciated.

                Posted by:

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