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A Voice Sounding Not Unlike Sam Elliott


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 22, 2012

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Cowboy on horseback, silhouetteHave you ever seen a casting notice with specs indicating that they were looking for someone who could sound like you?

In an interview with Charlie Rose, we see one of the most imitated and frequently requested voices of Americana, Sam Elliott, talk about what it's like to come across direction with your name in it!

Watch the video and share your thoughts in today's VOX Daily.

Sam I Am

American actor Sam Elliott (b. 1944), best known for his deep, rugged cowboy voice and southern drawl, has one of the most recognizable voiceprints around and serves as the model for one of the top requested voicing styles in the United States. It's no surprise then that the sound of Sam Elliott's voice happens to be one that North American male voice talent try to imitate most, putting him in the same league of iconic voice talent the likes of Don LaFontaine, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman.

Elliott has been the voice of campaigns for Dodge, IBM, Kinney Drugs, Union Pacific, and the American Beef Council, succeeding Robert Mitchum in the latter. He also happens to be the new voice of Smokey the Bear.

Sam Elliott on Charlie Rose

In this video excerpt from a Charlie Rose interview, Sam Elliott briefly discusses what it is like to read artistic direction seeking a voice not unlike his own. If you've not heard Sam's voice but keep on hearing about it, get a taste for how he sounds by watching the video below:

Can You Sound Like Sam Elliott?

Be sure to comment and let me know!

Best wishes,

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    I like your style, Stephanie! Nice blog indeed! Well...I must say that nearly 40% of my work is as "SAM"..... I've been thrilled to be cast as "SAM" for clients and find the results and reaction has been excellent. "Dead-On" has been what many clients find from my work. It also kinda comes natural as in the words of my mother "That Sam Elliott even looks like you, James!" LOL! I don't offer many impersonations as a Voice Actor....yet Sam is so comfortable and enjoyable...I find I'm always thrilled to be cast, in fact in the studio as we speak with yet another project. Voices.com has provided numerous projects to deliver SAM for clients! Thank YOU!

    Posted by:

      I'm working on a TV doc series right now that apparently they wanted Sam Elliott for. In the end, budgets make the difference between who you want and who you get.

      Posted by:

        ...One of my favorite actors--voice or otherwise!! Great moustache, too...

        Posted by:

          I actually do a pretty believeable S.E., but have rarely used it.

          Posted by:

            I can do ME! :)

            I've been sent auditions with requests to sound like all the iconic voices you mentioned above. In addition, I've received requests for imitating Mike Rowe of Dirtiest Jobs and once a talent seeker asked for Sean Connery sans the accent. Brilliant!

            Posted by:

              I am a HUGE Sam Elliott fan. However... Come on Sam give us a shot at some of the real money......I am kidding of course.

              Fact is, only Sam can do Sam. If you try to mimic Sam you'll always come in second. I study his style and his interpretation, but I'm always
              me. It has worked quite nicely.

              Lastly, with all of the Big Name Hollywood Types doing Voice Jobs I wonder if it is mostly driven by Agency folks wanting to hang with the Big Dogs for a few hours. It makes for great cocktail banter. I am convinced there are many other talented voice actors who might do a better job when all is said and done.

              Posted by:

                I've developed my own Sam delivery to put my hat in the ring for the dozens of audition requests specifying his drawl. I'm still working on my Dennis Leary and Morgan Freeman. Kiefer Sutherland requests have tapered off. I understand the need for clients to offer a comparative benchmark for the sound they're looking for. Usually, I'll take that as a tonality reference and then put my own spin on it. As Popeye said, "I am what I am."

                Posted by:

                  No, and I don't feel bothered by it. I bet Sam Elliott can't sound like me, either.

                  Posted by:

                    Totally can sound like him. Only do it because women are crazy for him. I have always been able to do a lot of voices without rehearsal just by hearing it. Thought about trying to make a career of it, but never have.

                    Posted by:
                    • Tim Carney
                    • December 7, 2012 3:44 AM

                      I think the Sam demo speaks for itself :)

                      Posted by:

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