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What Does The Voice-Over Community Mean To You?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 27, 2012

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Andy Boyns, British male voice talent based in Istanbul, Turkey.In a world where most voice actors work alone from home recording studios, one man sees the often solitary business of voice acting through the lens of community.

What does the online voice-over community mean to you?

Are you connected?

Watch this video of Istanbul-based voice artist, Andy Boyns, as he shares how you can still be in community with other voice talent by being part of the voice-over family online.

Community Matters

Voice artist Andy Boyns is a great supporter of the voice-over community. In the interview below, Andy discusses the phenomenal affect online resources and community have had on him as he journeys in his voice-over career.

Andy also conveyed in a separate interview how Voices.com's global outreach and presence provides an additional sense of community supported by a generous willingness to interact with voice artists, genuinely listening to talent concerns and ideas.

About Andy Boyns

Andy Boyns is a British voice actor, originally from London, England, and currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. His voice literally flies the world on inflight documentaries, and can be heard on countless corporate videos, documentaries, commercials, and other projects. He is an active member of several voiceover social networking groups and is a firm believer in the principal whereby if you keep seeking opportunities, you are bound to succeed. He is married and a proud father (his six year old son, William, is also an international voice artist!). Andy also teaches English to Turkish students preparing for their university studies.

What Do You Think?

What kind of an impact has the voice-over community had on you?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Comment now to join the conversation.

Best wishes,

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    Great to see a profile of Andy. He is truly a wonderful guy and everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him is the better for it. His optimism is infectious, as is his penchant for social media. "Just when I think I'm out......he pullllls me back in."

    Posted by:

      Hello, Great news. I would liketo join with voices.com and get V.o. work too.. my name is sathya jesudasson ,I was trained at kalemensen&kalmenson, I live in Usa.(los angeles) I'm from India. 37+yrs go my parents came to America and then we all followed and gradually my kids too.. I have worked in the medical industry,but became an actor / and Voice actor 1999/2000. And litterally my voice has been travelling on singapore airlines inflight announcements since 2000 / This nov.2012 kalmenson feaured my ,urent updates as an actor /v.o. artists on their newsleter. Great honorand I've ben seeing the Voices.com and love to work with this method. Thx happy thanksgiving merry christmas

      Posted by:
      • sathya jesudasson
      • November 29, 2012 10:26 AM

        Dear Sathya Jesudasson,

        Thank you very much for your comment and for sharing here on this post! I appreciate it and am grateful to hear from you. Do you have voice-over demo? Please let me know and I'll take a listen.

        Merry Christmas to you too!

        With warm regards,

        Posted by:

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