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The Future of Voice-Overs


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

January 28, 2013

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Terry Daniel voice talentWhen did you realize that you loved voice-overs?

If you used to create character voices as a kid, made up weird voices or mulled over how you could use your voice to make money, you can probably relate to voice talent and coach, Terry Daniel.

There is so much work out there nowadays and so much has changed for the modern voice-over professional.

Do you ever dream about the future of voice-over?

I know we do!

Hear Terry's story and make a new friend in today's VOX Daily!

Where Is Voice-Over Going In 5 Years?

The new year is still relatively young. What might we expect to see in future? This video interview featuring Terry Daniel, gives insight for those curious about where voice-over may be headed in the next five years. Terry participated in our video series because he wanted people to know the steps he took in becoming a successful voiceover artist.

About Terry Daniel

Terry Daniel is making waves in the voice over industry as an actor, instructor, speaker and social media marketing expert. Terry has quickly made his way into the top ranks of being one of the most recognized voice talents in the industry specializing in voice overs for commercials, Internet podcasts, audio books and various business projects.

How Old Were You When You Realized Using Your Voice Was Fun?

Be sure to let me know by leaving a comment!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

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    When I was a kid... I also did a lot of talking into a tape recorder. Unfortunately in my case (with a bit of influence from my brother) it was for the purpose of being a neighborhood brat. I would record various phrases into the recorder and let them play out the living room window. I won't divulge what the recordings said...but it was sort of my version of throwing rocks. I just didn't break any glass. That was really the first time I started putting my voice to tape. I eventually discovered the guitar...and started recording that instead. Now I do both. :)

    ~ Tom Conklin

    Posted by:

      Haha, Tom. Here's a further tale of creative mischief: In a teenage summer of long ago, I made too much noise in my girlfriend's back yard. Her grandma stuck out her head and said shut up.

      Very rudely, showing off, I declaimed a 'Shakespearean' speech about the situation. Grandma began to smile... and advised me to join the local amateur theatre.

      I did, and by great luck it was London UK's Mountview (now an Academy) which had just begun acting workshops.

      Posted by:

        I realized my voice was fun when I became more comfortable with it when I was about 15. Family and friends would get me mixed up with my older brothers when they called our house on the telephone. I felt a little embarrassed at first but soon got over it and would laugh to put them at ease once they realized their mistake.

        You can imagine the stares I got when I caught a cold...Some would do a double take, others would ask sheepishly once they finally plucked up the courage to ask if I had a cold. All in good fun upon reflection.

        Posted by:

          I started mimicking as a child. My first voices were characters from the movie, "The Wizard of Oz", and included the wicked witch, Glenda, the good witch, the soldiers for the wicked witch, and ironically, the one that was popular with friends over many years was: "The Mayor!" I thoroughly loved this. Over the years I have found great pleasure in entertaining others with voices and characters that I make up in my head.

          Thank you to Terry Daniel for this video about voice overs and predictions! He also helps me realize the value in practicing with Voices.com auditions. I am going to allow myself to expand my current choices and stretch myself to learn more in the process. His candid words -- MOST INSPIRING, in a pragmatic way. Thanks!

          Posted by:
          • Kathy Fraser
          • January 29, 2013 4:33 PM

            I knew when was a kid as was told to yo b someone else as well because I talked all day in a tape recorder doing my fake radio show with commercials. I worked as a DJ and did voiceover's man years later, and would love to get back in to it.

            Posted by:
            • Jim DeMichele
            • January 29, 2013 6:14 PM

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