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Seeing in Stereo


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

February 1, 2013

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Whenever you hear the word "stereo," the first thing most people often think about has to do with hearing, specifically with regard to the consumption of audio.

Did you know that you can see in stereo, too?

If you've ever tried one of those Magic Eye books or watched a movie in 3D, you know what I'm talking about.

Hear more in today's VOX Daily.

Stereo Vision

Stereoscopy (or as we might say, seeing in stereo) is the ability to see objects in three dimensions. Each eye sees independently from the other. When viewing something, your eyes work in concert with your brain to unify the images you see, determining such things as depth perception.

According to Dictionary.com, stereo comes from the ancient Greek word stereós, and can be interpreted to mean solid. See below:

a combining form borrowed from Greek, where it meant "solid," used with reference to hardness, solidity, three-dimensionality in the formation of compound words: stereochemistry; stereogram; stereoscope.

3D in Film

Recently, David and I watched The Hobbit movie in 3D at the theatre complete with stereoscopic glasses (3D glasses). The experience was so real with images leaping off the screen, making you feel like you were part of the action.

Stereo vision, like surround sound, can give us a radically different experience in terms of how we interact with film or media. Everything may appear (or sound) more vibrant, expansive and or present.

3D combined with surround sound is a heightened experience to say the least.

What About You?

Do you appreciate 3D films? If so, what is your favorite 3D movie?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Be sure to comment with your thoughts.

Best wishes,

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    I haven't seen that many 3-D movies, but I'd have to actually pick two as my favorites............Journey To The Center of The Earth and Polar Express!

    To expound on your comment about watching The Hobbit in 3-D, I have a friend who saw it and told me the next day, "Kurt, there was a point I the movie when I saw this guy stand up right in front of me and I was about to lean forward and ask him to sit down - then I realized that guy was actually in the movie!" That goes to show you how real these can be.

    Posted by:

      Life of Pi is mindblowing - as a pointer to what's in store for us when writers and directors really get a hold on its possibilities. It's early days yet. We are still at the ooh and ah stage when things fly at us. We are bound to get blase about that and demand new content.
      Imagine Pi camerawork and animatronics in the hands of a Stanley Kubrik or James Cameron, plus the storytelling gifts of a William Goldman or a Ken Loach... with of course surround sound...now that will be some 3D movie!

      Posted by:

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