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Customer Service Tips


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 8, 2013

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Do you think that customer service is only for big companies?

Many voice artists pride themselves in going the extra mile for their clients and show up to their office (and mic!) each day, eager to make a difference.

Hear more about how you can provide the best customer service possible to your clients in today's VOX Daily!

Providing Good Customer Service

Whenever you do business or are engaged by a client, you are building a rapport with that person and are in effect providing customer service.

There are many different ways that you can provide a good customer experience, some of which include:

  • Listening carefully
  • Being responsive
  • Delivering on your promise
  • Completing projects on time

What Real Voice Actors Say

I send an invite to my Facebook friends to share their tips for providing good customer service. Take a look at the following ideas for how you can take your business and customer service offering to the next level.

Listening To What Isn't Being Said

"One key to being a good customer service agent is listening. Not just to what the person on the other end of the phone is saying but also what they are not saying, Things you hear in the background, things you hear in their voice too. e.g. Thanks for telling me. I understand what you have told me but I get a feeling there is something else you might not be telling me. Is there something else we need to take a look at for you? I used to always ask this question whether there was any audible clues or not. I ask this question for a couple of reasons because I want to make sure the customer knows that I understand their reason for calling. It also makes it seem like I am going the extra mile to please them. Eight out of ten times asking that question I would get a 'Well now that you mention it,' response."
- Greg Phelps, USA

Offering Patience

"Patience with customers is most important. Many times they don't know what they want and you have to help them find the right voice, sound or script to make the project successful."
- Herb Merriweather, USA

"Not everyone is easy to do business with. Even when you're really tired and something isn't working out, take time to listen to your customer."
- Fady Nagy, Egypt

Treating Customers Like Family

"To put it as simple as I can, and I've been full time since 1985, I approach customer service like I was dealing with one of my sons and all that goes with it. You have to now think on all that implies! I have clients that have been with me for 25 years."
- Bob Marini, USA

Extending Courtesy

"I used to voice commercials as an aside for a radio station I once worked for. We used to get people who would call in for their ads to be produced by me, and often, because I was very courteous over the phone, they would request that I voice their commercial. Treat your customers and clients right, the work will keep pouring in!"
- Curtis Prebble, Canada

Being Responsive

"Simple things like returning a phone call or email will put you ahead of the game. I know that sounds ridiculously easy, but I've had clients tell me they awarded me the job not only because they liked my voice or audition, but because I was responsive to their inquiry. If a client's request waits for 24 - 48 hours or longer before getting a response, it sends a message to them that they're not very important. And when they have a job to produce, why would they award it to someone who doesn't care? So simple, and yet overlooked by some who wonder why they're not booking more work."
- Debbie Grattan, USA

Communicating Issues

"Keep your client updated at all times. If you suddenly develop a cold or your mic is being temperamental, the client needs to know. Most will give you some breathing space with the deadline."
- Gary Terzza, UK

Practicing Honesty

"This may seem simplistic but honesty at all times and admitting a goof up and making up for it. Genuine smiles are priceless."
- Richard DeJonge, Canada

Delivering On Your Promise

"Just giving them what they ask for and being easy to work with goes a long way."
- Laura Bednarski, USA

Parting Words

Those are some great tips, aren't they?

To follow up on what was said, I see customer care as striving to serve each customer in such a way that you are being both gracious and truthful. Most people naturally swing toward one of these extremes and neglect the other which creates an imbalance. Purposing to serve with equal measures of grace and truth will result in customer service experiences being effective and memorable for all the right reasons.

There's nothing better than an experience with a company that leaves you feeling like you were heard, assurance that they care about you and that a practical solution was presented. When someone approaches a customer in a loving way, identifies an issue and works hard to resolve it, that's service!

What Do You Think?

What does good customer service look like to you?

Looking forward to your reply!

Best wishes,

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