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Voices.com Talent Narrates Vatican II: Inside the Council


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 28, 2013

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Pope John XXIII statue, St. Anthony of Padua Church

Do you follow the news?

With the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI and the recent papal election of Pope Francis I, all things Catholic are being discussed as the world has once more turned its eyes toward Rome.

In light of these happenings, news reached me that voice talent Debbie Irwin narrated a televised documentary on the Second Vatican Council, known as Vatican II, prior to the news that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI would resign from his post.

Journey back in time to the pontificate of John XXIII and learn more about the historic and pivotal event that was Vatican II in today's VOX Daily.

Vatican ll: Inside the Council

Debbie Irwin voice talent, narrator of Vatican II: Inside the Council documentaryHave you ever recorded a documentary?

Debbie Irwin recently had the pleasure of narrating a 10 episode series on the Second Vatican Council which began earlier this year called, Vatican II: Inside the Council. The episodes are shown on Cable around New York, can be streamed online at the NET Channel and are also available on YouTube. The job was booked and completed at Voices.com.

Vatican II: Inside the Council is a new series focusing on the history of Vatican II, which seeks to educate, enlighten and entertain viewers with a joyful, inspiring, and faithful perspective of the Catholic Church. By examining the events leading up to this milestone, the Council itself, and how it has shaped the faith of people today, this fast-paced program includes commentary from experts around the world. The show focuses on the changes that Vatican II brought about, while clarifying its teachings and shedding light on the intentions of the council fathers. With unique, compelling insight and images of beautiful Rome - Inside the Council will transport its audience into the living history of the Church.

Debbie Irwin shared that she has been getting great feedback from lots of people including her client, colleagues, friends, and so on. Take a listen now and hear for yourself if you like. The first episode is an overview of Vatican II and how it came to pass.

Vatican II: Inside the Council on YouTube

Episode 1: History and Genesis of Vatican II
Episode 2: Opening of Vatican II & Liturgy/Sacrosanctum Concilium
Episode 3: Lumen Gentium & The Church
Episode 4: Dei Verbum
Episode 5: Universal Call To Holiness / Gaudium Et Spes

How To Watch

Have You Seen This Series?

If you've been able to take the programming in, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,


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    Way to go Debbie!! So proud of you. What a great gig and so well done.

    Break a lip!

    All my best...

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