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A Voice for Those Who Don't Have One


By Lin Parkin

July 16, 2013

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MyVoice app.jpgHave you ever heard of the TalkRocket Go app?

Do you know someone who would benefit from a communication aid?

If someone you know is unable to speak due to illness or injury the good folks at MyVoice Inc., makers of the TalkRocket Go app, just shared some good news that might be of interest to you, particularly if you are a resident of Ontario, Canada.

The Ontario government will now cover 75% of the price of an iPad or iPod Touch when installed with the TalkRocket Go app, in either the English or French versions.

The costs are funded by Ontario's Assistive Devices Program (ADP) which is a huge milestone for MyVoice Inc. as their app is the first Canadian-made communication aid app to receive Ontario public funding. That's great news for Ontario families who want to help their loved ones communicate with greater ease and clarity.

In a recent press release TalkRocket Go is referred to by one speech pathologist as an "exceptional app that has powerful features for users and speech-language pathologists alike." And that it "offers tremendous value especially now that it is publicly funded in Ontario."

To access the new funding, families will need to seek out an assessment at one of 26 qualified Assistive Devices Program clinics throughout Ontario. If recommended as the right communication aid by a clinical professional, they will help complete the paperwork to obtain the app and hardware at the discounted rate.

How the TalkRocket Go App Works

TalkRocket Go utilizes voice synthesis technology to provide lifelike verbal communication for kids and adults with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Aphasia, Parkinson's disease, traumatic brain injuries and many other speech and language related disabilities. Last year Stephanie had the opportunity to try out the app and discussed in detail how the app helps people overcome speech problems.

You can also watch an explainer video about how the app works at the MyVoice Inc. webiste.

Sharing in the Joy of Speaking

TalkRocket Go helps users meet life-goals that many of us take for granted. With the app users can achieve a better social life, gain access to more educational opportunities, become more employable, and simply enjoy the art of conversation.

The company's website indicates the app will be released in other languages soon too. While public funding is currently available only in Ontario on the iPad or iPod Touch, the app is also available worldwide for purchase through iTunes.

Have you lent your skills to voice synthesis technologies like this?

We'd love to hear about it! Please comment below.

All the best,

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    This is great news for a great company! And so fun to see your article Lin, as I voiced that explainer video you mention :) (through Voices I might add) Thanks for sharing the news!!

    Shelley Baldiga

    Posted by:

      Hi Shelley,

      It's nice to hear from you! You are most welcome. Very interesting that you were the narrator for the explainer video. I was actually unaware the job was cast through Voices.com! Small world! :)

      All my best,

      Posted by:

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