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New Promoted Jobs Feature at Voices.com

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

December 16, 2013

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Red carpet VIP line, gold postHave you noticed that some jobs at the site are highlighted in green?

Today, we introduced a new feature called Promoted Jobs.

You may be seeing more of these as time goes by.

Learn more about this feature, its benefits to clients posting jobs and what it means to voice talent using Voices.com in today's VOX Daily.

What is a Promoted Job?

Ever wondered which jobs you should give priority to when auditioning at Voices.com?

Starting with jobs you are most closely matched to is a favourite for many talent. That said, what if you could sort your jobs based upon a visual cue from clients themselves who want to seriously speed up their casting process and hear from a variety of talent?

Beginning today, we are giving clients the option to promote their job postings for a fee. When a client pays to promote their job, their job is:

  • Reviewed faster in our Approval queue
  • Has greater visibility during its first 72 hours following approval
  • Encouraging of more responses

What Does a Promoted Job Look Like?

A Promoted Job will have green highlighting behind it. Your default view as a voice talent when landing on the jobs board will feature Promoted Jobs at the top of the list. To confirm, you can still filter jobs according to Language, Gender, Budget, Match and so on.

Sample Promoted Job Voice Talent View

The highlighting disappears 72 hours after a Promoted Job has been approved. If you audition for a Promoted Job, the green highlighting will remain associated with the job posting in your Answered folder until that 72 hour period has elapsed.

Have You Auditioned For Any Promoted Jobs Yet?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,



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