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Voices.com is Now Available in Spanish!


By Lin Parkin

May 14, 2014

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Se Habla EspanolAre you a Spanish-speaking member of Voices.com?

If you answered "yes," we've got some great news for you!

To meet the growing needs of our community, and as part of our Going Global initiative, we are pleased to announce that Voices.com is now available in Latin American Spanish.

The Spanish site functions in exactly the same way as the English version but you can now navigate around the site in the language you're most comfortable with. Our hope is that this will open more doors for our growing community of Spanish-speaking voice-over talent and make it easier for our Spanish clients to use the site, audition talent, and hire them.

Since the majority of our Spanish-speaking customers speak Latin American Spanish we decided to select it as our first translation.

Join VOX Daily today for a tour around the Spanish site.

Home Page

All of the content on the home page has been translated, including most of the pages we link to from the home page.


Client Sign Up Page

Clients can sign up at Voices.com and either post their jobs themselves or have us do it for them.


Recently Hired List

The Spanish site features different talent on the homepage than the English site does. It made sense to have our most Recently Hired Spanish talent showcased for clients looking to hire Spanish-speaking talent. This applies to all Top 100 lists on the Spanish site and includes the Favourites, New Talent, Recently Hired, and Most Listens.


Clients Job Posting Form

Navigating the job posting form is now much easier for our Spanish-speaking clients.


Searching for Talent

Here are a few talents matching specified search criteria. It actually displays 30 female voice actors meeting this particular search.


Talent Sign Up Page

Spanish-speaking talent joining Voices.com for the first time will now have a better understanding of what the site offers with each type of account. If you already have an account with us there is no need to create a new one.


Talent Profile

Here's a view of the Edit Profile section in a talent account. If you speak both English and Spanish consider entering your profile information, such as your Highlights and Experience, in both languages and be sure to have Spanish demos available for clients to listen to as well.


Are you using the Spanish site?

We invite you to take a look around the Spanish site now.

At any point while visiting Voices.com you can toggle back and forth between English and Spanish by selecting the language options at the bottom right hand corner of any page.

Suggestions or questions? Tell us what you think about the new Spanish site in the comments below.

Best wishes,


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