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Be Our Guest! Unless You Can't Make It - How to Record as if Your Co-Stars Are in the Room

By Amber O'Neill

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Be Our Guest! Unless You Can't Make It - How to Record as if Your Co-Stars are in the Room - Voices.com #1 Voice Over Marketplace for Voice Talent.Recording artist/engineer in studio looking at wave forms on their computer monitor.

Are you excited for this reboot of Beauty and the Beast?

With feature films incorporating CGI more and more to allow for inclusion of anthropomorphic characters alongside flesh and blood actors on-screen, it was only a matter of time before Beauty and the Beast jumped onto the big screen, retelling the classic tale with a new twist.

Sometimes these new twists include working arrangements! Curious to learn more? You're invited to be our guest from wherever you are for today's Vox Daily.


The Making of Frozen: How Disney Creates an Animated Classic

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Queen Elsa from Disney's FrozenDid you watch The Story of Frozen on ABC?

Disney execs graciously shared the origins of how this animated film took the world by storm, took many by surprise and gave everyone, even a group of US Marines, something to cheer about.

Hear just some of the amazing experiences, memories and little known facts about the 600-person crew who worked for over two-and-a-half years to bring Frozen to the silver screen.


Toy Story 4 Set for June 2017 Release

By Carmi Levy

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Toy Story Logo - 320.pngIf you're a Toy Story fan - and who isn't? - Pixar has some great news for you: Toy Story 4 has just been given the green light, and it's been scheduled for a June 2017 release.

Although Toy Story 3 seemed to be the end of the Sheriff Woody/Buzz Lightyear story, original Toy Story director John Lasseter said they love the characters so much that they just couldn't resist coming back for a fourth time.

The new film is expected to pick up where Toy Story 3 leaves off, and will reportedly be a love story. Pixar is understandably tight-lipped about the plot, but has confirmed that Rashida Jones and Will McCormack will write the screenplay.

Read on for the latest on what's fast becoming the biggest news story in animation in a while.


Feast On Disney's New Short

By Carmi Levy

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Disney Feast - Winston and James - 320.pngThere's an extra treat in store for audiences who view Disney Animation's computer animated movie, Big Hero 6: A 6-minute short, Feast, is included in the bill.

The interesting thing about the animated short, which explores the relationship of a man and his dog through the lens of their shared taste in food, and the evolution of his relationships, is that it includes no dialog. The movie combines both traditional as well as computer-generated animation techniques, and follows closely in the footsteps of another animated short, the Oscar-winning Paperman.

How can a movie with no script or spoken narrative raise the level of the voice art? Read on for more.


A Halloween Movie Marathon with Tim Burton

By Lin Parkin

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Tim Burton.jpgTim Burton, a celebrated and mysterious film director, producer, writer, poet, artist and animator, has produced some of the most intriguing animated movies of our time. His originality and slightly awkward sensibility shines through all of his films.

While searching for Halloween movies to watch with my son, Burton's films came up over and over again. It's no surprise. His movies contain an element of the macabre, but delicately balance the spooky with humour.

While some of the animated films may not be appropriate for children under 8, they are a perfect combination for celebrating Halloween, especially for those looking for a fun spooky romp without being subjected to the horrors contained in what I refer to as "terror films."

Join VOX Daily as we take a look at some of Tim Burton's animated feature length films to watch this Halloween.


3 Tips for Casting Voice Talent in Animation

By Lin Parkin

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Cute Blue Bird Taking Notes.jpgEveryone loves animation. It's fun and youthful. It can instantly make even the most mundane subjects interesting.

It's a good platform for businesses to send their messages, to promote a product or service, and to educate children with fun cartoon shows.

Do you have an animated project you're casting for?

There are a number of things to consider when casting a voice-over actor in an animated production whether it's a TV commercial, cartoon show, film, video game, or an animated explainer video.

No matter what form of media your animation will be appearing on, there are three things that can make the audition process much smoother for both you and the voice talent.

Join VOX Daily as we take a look at three important details to include in your job posting.


Resources For Animation Students

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Man animating a character on a computer using dual monitors. Animator.A new generation of animators is about to take the stage.

When walking the exhibition floor at SIGGRAPH 2013, I met with a number of institutions that offer programs schooling the animators of tomorrow in both traditional and computer animation.

As I spoke with representatives, a common thread emerged: each school assigns animation projects to their students where voice talent are required...but not every student knows how to work with voice actors, what to budget or where to find them.

Hear about 3 resources offered by Voices.com useful to animation students working with voice over talent.


Victorian Thaumatrope Animation

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Vector image, bird in cage, bird singing on a branch, green background, black silhouettes, black birdsHave you ever wondered how animation got to where it is today?

While at the London Public Library for a presentation given by Fanshawe Pioneer Village, I encountered a most delightful thingamajig.

I soon discovered that the thingamajig, more appropriately called a Thaumatrope, was a popular toy in Victorian England and happened to be the starting point for motion pictures and more directly, animation.

What exactly is a Thaumatrope?

Hear more about the Thaumatrope, see one in action and learn how to create a Thaumatrope of your own in today's VOX Daily!


The Animation Voice Demo: 6 Key Elements

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Disney CharactersDoes your character demo have what it takes to get the attention of casting directors and agents?

Want to know how to go from no character demo to having something you can shop around?

Melissa Altro of Voice Pro Studio shares six key elements of an animation voice demo in today's VOX Daily.


3 Great Animation Voice Acting Resources

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Studious Dachshund puppy wearing black rimmed glassesLast night I came across an interesting article while searching for an online version of the Yogi Bear story.

This article was helpful and also served as an entry point for discovering a wealth of other pieces written about cartoon shows from the past complete with insightful commentary regarding historical facts and cultural context.

In today's VOX Daily, you'll discover a number of resources that you can draw upon when researching the history of voice acting in animation.


Richard Horvitz Helps You To Break Into Animation

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Richard HorvitzHave you been wondering how to get into animation voice over?

Want to be the voice of a cartoon character?

The evening of January 27th, 2010, Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino of Break Into VoiceOver will play host to special guest and celebrated animation voice actor, Richard Horvitz, as he shares his insight and takes your questions.

Nancy and Anna have intimated that Richard will give detailed and honest insider answers to as many questions as they can address in 90 minutes.

With access to Richard and his 20+ years of experience in the animation voice over field, this teleseminar is a must for those of you looking to get your feet wet in voice acting for cartoons!


Bob Bergen Bringing Animation Weekend to NYC!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Bob Bergen with Porky PigI'm excited to share that Bob Bergen, voice of several Warner Bros. characters including Porky Pig, will be in New York City December 5th and 6th, 2009.

Bob's 2-day Advanced Animation Voice-Over weekend workshop is sure to be a hit with participants and those who audit the class alike.

Next weekend, I'm going to be sitting in on Bob's workshop and will be taking a note or two, giving you an inside view of a phenomenal talent at work.

Learn more about this opportunity here on VOX Daily.


Richard Horvitz to Bring Animation Voice Over To Dallas!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Richard HorvitzWant to play pretend?

This November, Richard Horvitz, voice actor on hit shows such as The Angry Beavers (Daggett), Invader Zim (Zim), the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (Billy), Ben Ten (Grey Matter) and many, many more is scheduled to bring his animation voice acting weekend workshop to Dallas, TX!

Dallas-based voice actress Mary Morgan has been working together with Michelle Ann Dunphy to organize this excellent opportunity for Texas-based talent to train with Richard Horvitz.

If you're not in Dallas but feel you could benefit from the teachings of one of today's great character voice instructors, get yourself to the workshop... but first learn more at VOX Daily!


Pixar Cars Shake 'N Go King

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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pixar-cars-king.jpgAre you a fan of Pixar's movie Cars?

Do you love NASCAR?

Let's take King for a test drive and see how Richard Petty does behind the mic.


Game On : Gaming Voiceovers

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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SpiderMan Videogame Voiceovers

When it comes to blockbuster video games few companies compete with Vicarious Visions and Activision.

Are you ready to go inside the world of gaming voiceovers?

This article profiles Vicarious Visions' gaming VO Producer Evan Skolnick. Evan has worked as a producer and writer on games including Guitar Hero, Spider Man 3, Shrek 2 and numerous others.

At the Voice Coaches Marketing Expo, we learned how material is prepared for recording and how Evan works collaboratively with his team on both coasts, as well as celebrities like Tobey Maguire and James Franco to complete the job.


British Animation Awards : Best Character Voice Performance - New Category!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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British Animation Awards LogoWhile awards season is a wee bit off, the nomination season has just begun!

Learn more about a new category announced this year for the British Animation Awards.


Bob Bergen in NYC - Animation Weekend!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Bob Bergen NYCEver been on an animation weekend?

How about a voice-over intensive one?

If you live on the East coast, you have the opportunity to do so early this May 2007!

Join Bob Bergen for a weekend you'll never forget in New York City May 5 & 6.


Kids Animation VO Workshop coming to San Diego

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Tony Gonzales (formerly with Disney TV Animation Casting) will be teaching his 2-day Hollywood Animation Young Actor's Voice Acting Workshop on October 14 & 15! Although Tony's workshop is mainly for kids 8 and older, bigger (and much older) kids are also welcome.


Women in Animation Workshop

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Ladies, want to polish your animation voice-over skills? Well, don't wait a minute longer. Read this post!


Animation Voice Overs

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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If you read one of my recent postings about the kinds of voiceover jobs that are available on the market, you'll love this in-depth blog posting about animation voiceovers and character voiceovers.

The character voiceover market is one of the most popular and competitive fields where voiceovers are concerned. Voice actors provide voiceovers for animation on the Internet and offline including voiceovers for cartoon characters, video game characters, computer game character voiceovers, and even the voices of animated characters in film.