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Actor, Know Thyself! 3 Things You Should Figure Out

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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'Actor, Know Thyself! 3 Things You Should Figure Out' - Voices.com #1 Voice Over Marketplace for Voice Talent. Woman holding a mirror and looking at her reflection. She looks concerned, trying to discern who and what she sees.

How can you take on roles if you do not yet know yourself?

In today's Vox Daily, we explore being self-aware and how knowledge of yourself can help to guide decisions in your acting career.


3 Common (Yet Avoidable) Audio Editing Oversights

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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'3 Common (Yet Avoidable) Audio Editing Oversights' - Voices.com #1 Voice Over Marketplace for Voice Talent. Audio recording engineering mixing board.

How much do you care about pristine audio?

If you don't care much, let me assure you that those on the receiving end of your recordings do. That said, paying attention to the little things and making corrections before submitting auditions can make a big difference!

Instantly improve the quality of your auditions by applying these three solutions in today's Vox Daily.


Is the Role Right for You? 6 Ways to Know.

By Amber O'Neill

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'Is the Role Right for You? 6 Ways to Know - Voices.com #1 Voice Over Marketplace for Voice Talent. Bear in the woods. Is it Baloo? Jungle Book-themed article on voice acting.

How do you choose the auditions you submit for?

Explore 6 ways to know in today's Vox Daily!


5 Ways to Maximize Your Voice Acting Auditions

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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'5 Ways to Maximize Your Voice Acting Auditions' - Voices.com #1 Voice Over Marketplace for Voice Talent. 5 Clocks showing different times lined up in a row. Productivity theme.

Are you getting the most out of the auditions you do?

What if you could put 5 tips into practice that dramatically impact your ability to capitalize on voice-over opportunities?

Guest blogger Mike Tobin shares his thoughts and encourages you to get the job done in today's Vox Daily.


Introverts: Does Auditioning Energize or Drain You?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Female voice artist auditioning for a role in studio

What other career allows you to work from home in relative seclusion while interacting with others virtually on your own terms?

Voice acting in today's marketplace seems to attract a large number of self-identified introverts, and for good reason.

Read more about how auditioning in a virtual environment positively impacts the lives of introverted voice actors in today's Vox Daily.


Want To Be More Authentic in a Role? Here's How!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Man somewhat conflicted, holding hands on either side of his head. Contemplative.

Are the roles you audition for ones that you relate to?

Can you draw upon something within yourself to create a truly authentic and believable performance?

In today's Vox Daily, we take a look at three ways an actor can approach a role inspired by the musings of distinguished actor, Johnny Depp.


Find the Right VO Delivery for Any Script, Every Time

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Man contemplating a script

Do you wonder what people think about the auditions you send in?

Tommy Griffiths guest blogs today, walking us through how you can perform the right voice-over delivery for any script each time you step up to the mic.

Curious to learn more? Read today's Vox Daily!


How Realistic Are Your Expectations? Excellence vs Perfection

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Target - aim for excellence! Written out in white chalk on a board.

Do you find that no matter how well you audition or perform, you're never satisfied?

Are you feeling like you're always coming up short and nothing you do is "good enough"?

Whether you're beating yourself up over microscopic details or in the habit of dismissing opportunities because you're afraid of doing a less-than-perfect job, know that there is hope and a better way.

Hear more in today's Vox Daily!


Thinking and Acting Like Your Own Agent

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Woman working at a desk, laptop, hand holding a pen

Are you getting enough auditions these days?

Do you purposefully audition only for those roles or reads that suit you best?

Can you quote quickly and confidently?

In today's marketplace, not only do you need to think like an agent, you need to be able to act like one. Get some tips on how to improve your prospects as a freelance voice artist in the 21st century.


5 Tips To Consider For Your Next Voice Over Audition

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Auditioning tips for voice talent to book more voice-over jobs. Man in an orange shirt, holding papers and teaching the class.

On the lookout for auditioning tips?

Heather Costa from Such A Voice shares 5 ideas for how you can improve your online auditions, whether they are here via the online voice-over marketplace, through your agent or business you've earned on your own.


Is That Acting Role Right For You? Here Are 3 Ways to Tell

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Woman behind a microphone in a recording studio

When trying to decide what to audition for, having a few filters to put the opportunity through makes knowing whether or not to audition an easier task.

How do you determine if you're the right fit?

Check out these ideas on how to figure fit out in today's Vox Daily.


Cold Reading Gold: Why Thinking Less Can Help Your Acting

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Talent tips: get more workWhat yields better reads from a voice artist?

Conventional wisdom would suggest that the more someone studies something, the better they understand it and the more informed they are on the topic.

When attending a voice acting workshop recently in New York, the most astounding thing happened! Is it possible to nail a read with no preparation whatsoever?

Find out in today's Vox Daily!


Why You Might Not Be Booking Work at Voices.com (and what you can do about it)

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Are you on the brink of success but just don't know it?

It wasn't until the 10,001st attempt that Thomas Edison successfully invented the light bulb. While you may not have auditioned 10,000 times on Voices.com, not booking a job after dozens - or even hundreds - of audition submissions can be discouraging.

Want to change things up?

Here are 4 tried and true tips on how to get your first job.


How To Present Yourself As A Native Speaker

By Carmi Levy

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The Old Neighborhood - 320.jpgDid you ever fail to get a job because you didn't sound like you were "from here"?

Native speakers often get the edge in voice work because they sound like locals. From language, to dialect, and to accent, when they speak, they authentically represent the place where they come from.

Whether you were born there, or whether you've simply lived somewhere for a long time, you absorb what makes this place unique. And taking the time to recognize the subtleties that separate native speakers from everyone else could be the key to growing your voice career.

Read on for more.


Slate In Character Or Don't Slate At All

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Pirate on the shore, wearing a black pirate's hat.Do you slate before auditions these days?

More and more, we're finding that it is far more effective for voice talent auditioning online not to slate. Accordingly, we've stopped recommending that talent slate before custom reads when auditioning through the site.

That said, if you do slate (the choice is yours), especially if auditioning for a character role, you'll want to heed the advice in this article.


The 1 Thing It Takes To Be The Right Voice

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Man thinking, reviewing information on a tabletHave you ever wondered what clients on the other side of the computer screen are thinking when reviewing voice-over auditions?

Brandon Faris, Director at LEAPframe, pulls no punches.

Make sure you're sitting down!

With a coffee or tea in hand, you'll be sure to get through.

Find out what you can do to make your audition stand out for all of the right reasons in today's VOX Daily.


Do You Know Where to Find Children's Voice Acting Jobs?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Young tween boy actor, smiling mischievously at the camera, standing between two red theatre curtainsDo you have children who love acting?

How about singing?

Recently, a flurry of advantageous opportunities were posted for child voice actors, tweens in particular, to audition for through the Voices.com website.

Could there be an opportunity here for your family?

Is there a shining star living under your roof?

Find out how you can enrol your son or daughter in a Child membership at Voices.com to receive auditions for work they'll be proud of in today's VOX Daily.


How to Nail an Audition with Little or No Direction

By Lin Parkin

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Confusion.jpgWhat do you do when you've got a good script with ambiguous creative direction?

Do you shoot from the hip or dig in a little deeper?

Getting an audition that is seriously lacking in direction can be seriously frustrating.

Not knowing what to do, you might simply take your best shot at it. But there are a few tried and true tricks to deciphering a script. The copy itself often has tell-tale signs into how the writer envisions the voice-over.

In today's VOX Daily we are joined by guest blogger, Tommy Griffiths, a professional voice talent and voice-over coach, as he lends some words of wisdom on self-direction for those awkward moments when you encounter a vague script. Join us! It may just help you land that next audition.


How Do You Know if You Should Audition or Not?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Audition flowchart from Voices.com

Time is finite.

It has been said that time is one of life's great equalizers. We all, without exception, are granted 24 hours each day.

Even so, professional voice actors finds themselves invited to more opportunities than they can possibly do (or do well) on a daily basis.

How do you determine what you should audition for versus which auditions you should pass on?

We've created a handy dandy audition flow chart to help you decide which auditions to pursue and why in today's VOX Daily. Click through for the downloadable PDF!


3 Ways To Spot A Signature Voice

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Man listening to music on a trainWhen listening to a voice sample, are you able to tell if a talent auditioning for your job makes their living voicing the same kind of delivery required for your project?

There's something about voice with a read that sings. That's what happens when you come across a talent working their instrument and primary skill set.

You will likely know a signature voice when you hear it, but just in case you were wondering here are 3 tell-tale signs that the voice you're listening to has a track record of reading for projects similar to your own.


Voice Actors Who Can Perform Animal Noises

By Lin Parkin

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Cute Kitten and Microphone.jpgDo you need a voice actor to perform animal noises?

Are you a voice talent that specializes in mimicking sounds from the animal kingdom?

Rather than the typical prose that clients submit with their jobs, we occasionally we receive odd jobs that require a voice actor to utter noises like screams, grunts, or groans especially for video games and the occasional commercial project.

Nothing quite compares to the jobs requesting animal noises though. Picture yourself reviewing auditions with talent doing various takes of a bird, tiger, or monkey.

It is both delightful and surprisingly spooky to hear a talent go from their speaking voice into an authentic sounding animal noise. Join VOX Daily as we take a look at of one of the top voice actors who excels in this unique craft.


The Voice Over's Kryptonite

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Kryptonite, green crystalFind yourself getting tongue tied?

Tripping over words right, left and center?

Maybe it's particular words that always give you pause...the words that you see coming but can't quite wrangle into submission. The words that result in take, after take, after take.

Sometimes, these words can make you throw up your arms in surrender and turn your face from the mic.

Can you relate?

Enjoy Otishia Emmens' article on how to manage your voice over kryptonite in today's VOX Daily!


Bill Cooper Discusses DIY Recording Booths

By Lin Parkin

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DIY.jpgAre you a handyman or handywoman?

Are you at a point in your voice-over career where you're looking into upgrading your studio with a professional recording booth?

Consider a DIY project!

If you have an aptitude for working with your hands not only will it be gratifying to build your own recording booth but you'll be more comfortable in your recording space and it may help you produce even better results when working on voice-over projects.

Join us in today's VOX Daily as professional voice-over artist, Bill Cooper, discusses how he ended up building a DIY recording booth.


J Michael Collins Shares His Voice Over TACO

By Lin Parkin

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Taco.jpgRecently we came across a blog post by J Michael Collins, voice-over artist and professional voice-over coach, called "How Voiceovers are like Tacos."

The article presents an entertaining and informative read about developing the best strategies for embarking on a career in voice-overs.

J Michael graciously allowed us to share an abridged version of his article with the community on VOX Daily. Join us as we dive into his secret sauce for the voiceover TACO.


9 Tips To Help You Succeed

By Lin Parkin

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Strategy Sign Lrg.jpgAre you new to the voice-over industry?

New to Voices.com? Could you benefit from some auditioning tips?

Many talent, especially those new to the online marketplace, have a difficult time knowing whether or not they are using the right tactics when auditioning.

While everyone's success varies, with the talent and a knack for auditioning online, there are some people that just seem to hit the ground running.

Join us today as our Guest blogger, Laci Morgan offers up some tips and tricks which have helped her land work at Voices.com!


Rodney Saulsberry Shares Why You Have to Know When to Stop

By Lin Parkin

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Rodney SaulsberryDo you read take after take trying to get your audition just right?

Are artists the masters of their own demise?

A paradox of the creative process is definitely over editing.

Whether that's reworking a sentence until the meaning is lost, adding more detail to a painting until the image is obscured or editing an audition until the voice is raw, we have all experienced the nagging urge of perfectionism.

On his blog renowned voice actor and voice over coach, Rodney Saulsberry, shared how you can save time and energy by avoiding the pitfalls of perfectionism and offers this expert advice in today's VOX Daily.

Are you spending more time and energy nitpicking reads than you should?

Join us now to learn how you can decrease your energy output and increase your auditioning results!


Scotty Newlands Talks with Vox Daily About Voice-Overs and His Performance Career

By Lin Parkin

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Scotty_022.jpgDo you ever wonder how voice actors get into the industry?

We do. We always enjoy meeting our customers and learning about your incredible journeys into the voice-over arena. We had the great pleasure of doing so with many of you at VoiceWorld Toronto 2013.

One such voice talent was Scotty Newlands, a National Anthemist for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Army Reservist.

Scotty took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with me about voice-overs, his career as a performer, being an officer in the Army Reserves and what it was like seeing the Leafs (finally!) make it to the playoffs.

He also explains how his experience appearing on Canadian Idol helped propel his career forward.

Join us today in this special VOX Daily interview!


3 Skills Every Voice Actor Working Today Needs To Have

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Bulls eye target, three arrowsDo you ever wonder if your audition will really appeal to a client?

Choices you make, whether technical or artistic, can make or break your auditions.

The role of Voice Actor has evolved and requires you to use your gift as an artist, audio engineer and businessperson in order to succeed in today's marketplace...and as many voice artists are finding out, there are more hats to wear than you might think including agent and director!

In today's VOX Daily, I'll be sharing a little bit from my VoiceWorld Toronto presentation that speaks to three critical skills every voice actor working from home needs to have to confidently submit their best audition.


How An Actor's Essence Shines Through Their Creation

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Ludwig van Beethoven bustIn previous posts we've discussed being true to yourself and being selective with the auditions you pursue and the work you take on.

Choosing your work wisely will serve you well and make your heart sing.

When you read a script, you're not just creating a character based upon the material presented.

In a subtle (or not so subtle) way, bits and pieces of you are blended into the piece you are voicing.

This can serve an actor's purpose for better or for worse depending on what you are reading!

Find out why in today's VOX Daily.


Customer Service Tips

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Do you think that customer service is only for big companies?

Many voice artists pride themselves in going the extra mile for their clients and show up to their office (and mic!) each day, eager to make a difference.

Hear more about how you can provide the best customer service possible to your clients in today's VOX Daily!


Auditioning Tips From Voices.com Project Managers

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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February 2013, Professional Services Team at Voices.com

When you're auditioning, the more you know about what a client is looking for, the better!

Voices.com offers Professional Services to clients who want some extra TLC when posting their jobs and working with talent. Perhaps you've had the opportunity to audition for one or more of our dedicated project managers!

In today's VOX Daily, you'll get a chance to meet the wonderful people on our Professional Services team, find out what they love to hear in auditions, discover their pet peeves and learn how you can audition to the best of your ability when working with Voices.com's project managers.


How Acting Keeps You Young

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Young, brunette actress with hat on next to elderly blonde actress with hat on. Lace netting on faces. Fur coats.

Most actors never retire from what they do.

Acting is not just a job. Acting is also a way to keep your mind sharp, your creative juices flowing and provides opportunities to do meaningful work long after most careers have come to an end.

How does acting keep you young?

Be sure to join the conversation in today's VOX Daily!


Take 1. Take 2. Take 3. How Many Takes Are Reasonable?

By Lin Parkin

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Matryoshka dollsWe are often asked how reasonable it is for a client to request multiple retakes when working on a job.

How much is too much?

When is it appropriate to request additional compensation?

I'd like to explore this topic with you in today's Vox Daily.


13 Things NOT To Do In Your Audition

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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woman-giving-presentation.jpgAre your auditions really putting your best foot forward?

Do you wonder if something you may be doing could be holding you back from getting the gig?

Deb Munro shares 13 things to avoid when auditioning whether in person or online through the voice over marketplace.


Slating, Altering Copy, Watermarking and More

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Woman recording with headphones on, standing behind a microphone and pop filterOver the years, we've learned a number of things about how clients want (and don't want) in terms of auditions. As such, our suggestions to voice talent applying for work through Voices.com have evolved.

One of these areas is how to protect your audio. In the past, we've suggested watermarking but over the last year or so have been moving away from this technique in favour of slating.

Let's take a few minutes to go over why this is and how slating can serve as a suitable addition to your auditioning strategies and a way to connect better with prospective customers.


Should You Edit Breaths Out of Your Audition Reads?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Goldfish breathing, air bubblesThere are many different opinions and creative processes when it comes to interpretation and performance, but what do people think about audibly breathing in an audition submission?

The trend is to remove the breaths which begs the question:

Is editing breaths out really necessary, and if so, what impact does it have?

To breathe or not to breathe? That is the question in today's VOX Daily.


Why Submitting Auditions Isn't Always a Race To The Finish

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Two jockeys racing thoroughbred horsesDo you get deterred whenever a job you're interested in gets more than 20 replies?

How often have you decided not to pursue an opportunity based upon the assumption that the client will never review more than a certain number of auditions?

My friends, if any of the above resonates with you, you're about to get some surprising and liberating news!

Today's VOX Daily contains the proof you need to dispel these misconceptions and give you the encouragement you need to go for the gold.

Want to know more? Read on!


Yes, People Do Book Off Their Demos at Voices.com!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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voices-com-icons-demos.gifIs it true that people can still get work straight off their demos?

Can you book a voice over job by simply uploading a number of voice samples, positioning them well and being found by the right person?

The answer to these questions is YES!

Hear more about how this happens in today's VOX Daily.


A Spotlight on the Nitty Gritty of Auditioning

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Microphone on a stoolFinding the right person to work with comes down to more than just a demo and a quote... sometimes what matters most is how you present yourself.

Even though you work in an audio medium, part of how you promote yourself and communicate includes the words you use to earn someone's business.

Find out how you can make your proposals more appealing in today's VOX Daily.


What To Do When You're Sick, Vacationing or Unavailable to Record

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Tired man who is overworked and sickInevitably you won't be able to do every job that comes your way. This is particularly true of projects that don't align with your personal beliefs, a topic which we've touched on before.

But what do you do when you are sick, on vacation or too busy to take on a voice over job with a tight deadline?

Instead of just passing on the gig, how about applying some thought to creative solutions that will still help you to serve that client and be perceived as helpful.


Think Your Auditions Are in Vain? Read This.

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Casting CallAre you seeing the bigger picture?

Many voice talent struggle with the art of auditioning in order to get work and often resent this necessary process. Although auditioning is ongoing, there's good news... you don't have to see it as a struggle!

One shift in your perspective could make the difference between struggling and succeeding.

Find out more in this eyeopening article from Voices.com member, Randy Anderson.


Just Send It and Forget It: How You Can Let Go of Auditions!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Woman running on the grass with a huge scarf trailing behind herDo ghosts of auditions past linger in the back of your mind?

Have precious time and emotions been wasted contemplating the outcome of a casting call?

While it is human to wonder, fixating on things that are out of your control can be exhausting and make it harder for you to keep moving forward.

How can you liberate yourself from questions such as "what if?" "who got?" and "why not me?"

A number of professional voice over talent have chimed in with their methods and are excited to help! Learn how to move on with the help of some of your friends here at VOX Daily.


Connecting More Than Just Your Voice in an Audition

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Chihuahua wearing heart glassesWhat more can you do to stand out from the crowd in an audition?

Is it merely the voice that can get you ahead or secure a place for you in a client's mental space?

Find out how you can connect to a client with more than just your voice today on VOX Daily.


Auditioning On The Go is Easy With Voices.com

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Julie Williams auditioning on the goDo you ever find yourself auditioning from a hotel room, at a relative's or when you're on the go?

Julie Williams, pictured here, sent me an interesting email about her experience using the Voices.com website while on the road and away from her recording studio.

Find out more about her experience today on VOX Daily.


Production in Voice Over Auditions: How Complex Does it Need to Be?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Little girl playing piano and singingFor many voice talent, interpreting a script isn't a problem... it's wondering what else to include in the recorded audition!

When you're creating a custom demo or auditioning for a voice over job, do you simply submit dry voice, or do you include music, sound effects or other production elements?

Share your comments and experiences with your friends at VOX Daily.


Do Senior Voices Face Fewer Auditions and Less Choices?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Senior couple embracing

Are older, more mature voices overlooked when auditions are reviewed?

Today we'll take a look at two very different stories, one of which I credit with the inspiration of this article, coming up now on VOX Daily.


Auditioning : 8 Ways You Can Benefit By Putting Your Voice Out There

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Mature Woman Jogging

You've likely heard a great number of people in show biz say that auditioning is the real job and getting the gig is gravy!

In today's Who Got the Gig, we'll look at the significant role auditions play and how persistence is the key to landing voice over work.


3 Things You May Not Know About Audition Scripts

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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When you are auditioning for a job, regardless of its source, there are 3 things you need to be wary of once you send off the MP3.


Find out here at VOX Daily!


How's your batting average?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Have you been beating yourself up over your ratio of auditions to jobs secured?

Guest blogger Bobbin Beam takes a swing in the right direction and hits one out of the park with her article featured here on VOX Daily called "The Art of Risk".

Baseball Stadium


Tips for Auditioning In Your Home Studio

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Marc Cashman LogoAre your auditions up to snuff?

Marc Cashman holds nothing back as he tells it like it is in his newest Voice Over Experts episode "Auditioning In Your Home Studio".

Learn how to avoid mediocrity, senseless rejection and prevent being perceived as an idiot by listening to this how-to podcast, hot off the RSS.


Bonnie Gillespie's Advice on Taking your Kids to Auditions

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Asian child listening to musicIs taking your kids to agency auditions a faux pas?

Find out more from casting director Bonnie Gillespie as we share an excerpt from her column on Showfax.com!


Ideas for Audition Templates

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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You might have discovered your new Templates section in your Account & Settings at Voices.com. We've come up with a few ideas that will help you use your new templates to your advantage!