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How Audioguides Can Enhance the Travelers Experience

By Lin Parkin

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Audio TourAccording to the UN World Tourism Organization, one billion people traveled internationally in 2013. 54% of those were leisure travelers, of which 60% traveled to monuments and other tourist destinations.

Whether travelling internationally or domestically, travellers are inclined to tour sites that have key historical, cultural, religious or technological significance.

Travel books used to be the way to get around foreign cities or at tourist destinations but carrying a book around with you everywhere you go is not the best way to enjoy a hard-earned vacation. You may miss the attraction while trying to read about it or forget to bring your travel book with you.

Audioguides are one of the best ways to take it all in. They help the tourist learn about the key points, history or trivia associated with it.

Learn more about where audioguides are used and how they enhance tours in today's VOX Daily.


Is Accessible Media Truly Accessible?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Blind Liberty, close up of the Statue of Liberty's visage, focusing on the blindfold covering her eyes. Blue sky in the background.What would you do if you could not read the words typed here?

One of the most fascinating things about the written word is that it can be consumed in a number of ways, not solely relying upon one's vision.

Join guest blogger, Herb Merriweather, as he opens another dimension to us so to speak about what it's like to read without reading, to see without seeing and what it will take to make accessible media truly accessible in today's VOX Daily.


Will "In a World..." Help More Women Break Into Movie Trailer Narrations?

By Lin Parkin

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Success.jpgLake Bell's critically acclaimed feature film "In a World...," takes a comedic look into the fictional 'underground' world of Hollywood voice-overs.

The film was written by Bell, who also directed and starred in the film. It received accolades in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is slated for limited US release in August.

The film follows the trials and tribulations of Bell's character, Carol Solomon, whose voice coaching career gets derailed. While struggling to regain her footing she sets her sights on becoming a voice-over artist herself, determined to break into the male dominated world of movie trailer narrations.


Insights on Corporate Narration from Voice Over London

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Voice Over London meeting at Voices.com. Pictured from left to right; Bob Purssglove, Doug Jeffery and Jeremy Dziewurski.

Are you interested in narrating for businesses, organizations and educational institutions?

Voice Over London, a Voices.com sponsored networking and meetup group, met last weekend and delved into many facets of narration for businesses and have some takeaways and tips to share!

Find out what we learned and discussed in today's VOX Daily.


Selling Homes Online with Voice Over Narration in Virtual Tours

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Real Estate for sale onlineHow can a remote destination shown through a virtual tour evoke feelings of warmth, comfort and desire?

Whenever you list something for sale on the Internet, you have to humanize the experience for potential buyers to make what you are selling seem more accessible, meaningful and attractive.

Find out how voice over can add that lovin' feeling and also how voice talent can make selling homes online even easier.


"Dinosaur Secrets" Narrator Mike Cooper Shares Jurassic Experiences in Narration

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Mike CooperIf you are in the UK and are a fan of The History Channel, you may have already started watching the latest series to air (started last night on Wednesday January 21, 2009), Dinosaur Secrets, featuring the wonderful narration and vocal talents of Mike Cooper.

Are you a fan of the program? You're in for a treat!

I'm pleased to present an interview with Mike Cooper and dig a little deeper into the prehistoric world of Dinosaur Secrets.


Narration in Film and Documentaries a Must

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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After sitting down to watch a 31-minute documentary without any narration whatsoever I came to the conclusion that films without narration are incredibly difficult to digest.

Something was obviously missing and I tell you, it was painful!

Is narration necessary in film? Let's find out.

Algonquin Provincial Park


The Art of Narration VS Veracity of Interpretation

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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NarrationJust because a narrator is reading a script, does that necessarily mean that they believe what they are saying?

What happens when a narrator's personal beliefs butts heads with the content of a script?

If conflict arises, will the voice over be authentic enough to believe?


New Movie Trailer, Podcast, and Narration and Documentary Categories at Voices.com

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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We've been hearing you loud and clear! Yesterday afternoon, we added some new Featured Voice Talent Categories to showcase your voice demos in.