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Llama Llama Red Pajama App Review

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Llama Llama Red Pajama app narrated by Rosemary WatsonHave you recorded voice-over narration for a children's storybook app?

From time to time, I scout audiobook apps for children with the purpose of downloading them to review.

I happened to learn of Llama Llama Red Pajama on Facebook when reading through status updates and am I ever glad I did!

Hear more about the app and what brought me to it in today's VOX Daily.


Voice Acting For Dummies, Coming Soon!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Voice Acting For Dummies book coverGetting started in voice-overs is about to get even easier for aspiring souls determined to learn the craft.

Voices.com co-founders, David and Stephanie Ciccarelli, signed with Wiley Publishing. Their book, Voice Acting For Dummies, will be in a store near you in December 2012!

The excitement has been building at the Voices.com offices for quite some time and it has been difficult to keep this cat in the bag.

What's the back story?

Learn more about how this all came about in today's VOX Daily.


5 iPhone Microphones Reviewed

By Ashley Davidson

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Blue Spark DigitalWant to know which microphones are compatible with the Voices.com iPhone App?

Who better to ask than an audio engineer, music producer and voice-over actor?

Ken Theriot, co-owner and co-founder of Home Brew Audio, reviews compatible microphones for the iPhone so you don't have to pass on voice-over gigs when you're on the road in today's VOX Daily!


London ABCs App Voiced By Voices.com Talent

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Julie Brandl at the London Public Library using the London ABCs appDo you know your ABCs?

Looking for an app that makes learning the alphabet fun?

A new app in Apple's App Store will do more than simply teach you alphabet...it will also introduce you to the many wonderful things you can see and do in London, Ontario Canada!

Hear more about an app that got its voice at Voices.com in this review of London ABCs.


Voice Over With a Chance of Meatballs

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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two meatballsWhen you step up to the mic, does good oral hygiene step up with you?

Brushing, flossing and rinsing can go a long way in delivering a clean, flawless vocal recording.

Learn more about how a clean mouth makes a happy voice over in today's VOX Daily.


Voice For Hire Book Review

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Voice For HireHave you read Randy Thomas and Peter Rofé's book Voice For Hire?

I had the chance to really dig into this latest book about voice over, and believe you me, it's different from many I've read to date!

Set up with a foreword by the late Don LaFontaine, Thomas and Rofé's Voice For Hire (Published September 2008) hits a grand slam, knocking the ball right out of the park, serving as a formidable resource that will help the determined open the door to voice over success and stay in the room once they get there.

Learn more now.


Read-Along Fun With Curious George (TM)

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Curious George Book CoverDo you remember the Curious George book series?

I fondly recall the stories written by Margret and H.A. Rey from my childhood and am pleased to share a review of this book and CD favorite narrated by Don Wescott in 2005.

Welcome to the first product review featuring voice over on VOX Daily! I hope you enjoy this new column and I look forward to hearing what you think.


New Column on VOX Daily for Voice Over Product Reviews

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Talking BearWhile the holiday season is still upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce a new column on VOX Daily that I hope will do more to encourage generosity the whole year round as well as recognize people for their work.

This new column will also do much to promote the use of voice overs and help to increase sales of products that include voice acting.

Want to know more?


Book Review : VO : Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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harlan-hogan-vo-tales-and-techniques-review.jpgVO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor, published in 2002, takes you on Harlan Hogan's journey from the mischievous to the magnificent, complete with colorful anecdotes, real life experiences and insightful "been there done that" takeaways that you can apply to your career found throughout this unique education, the tales and the techniques of a voice-over actor.

Your daily challenge is to make the words that are penned by a stranger your own.

Are you up for it?

Read more about this great book here on VOX Daily.


100+ Online File Storage and Delivery Resources for Voice Over Talent

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Have you ever had to deliver an audio file to a client and it was too large to send by email? Maybe you can identify with having to redo hours of voice over work because you didn't back up your recordings remotely...

Both scenarios are common, and when time is of the essence, you don't want to be stuck with either.

Wouldn't it be grand if you had an online tool where you could send big files from and also back them up?

Consider these online file storage and delivery resources the next time you need to pack in more than a few megabytes.