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3 Reasons Why Your Ads Get Skipped on YouTube

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Sad child, facial expression

How do you get people to watch your entire YouTube advertisement?

What stops someone from clicking "Skip Ad" to jump ahead and fulfill the immediate gratification they desire?

In this hasty, soundbite world, drawing an audience in by appealing to their emotions is absolutely critical. Whether on the computer or watching via a mobile device, millions of heartstrings are waiting to be pulled and thousands upon thousands would welcome an impromptu bout of the giggles to pass the time and get through their day.

Hear from members of the Voices.com team as they share insight on why ads get skipped and what you can do to increase the amount of time your ad is viewed in today's Vox Daily.


YouTube Hits The 60 fps Gas Pedal

By Carmi Levy

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YouTube Logo - 320.pngFour months after first promising one of the most anticipated features in its history, YouTube has made 60 frame-per-second (fps) video uploads available to everyone.

Although the site had been demonstrating a few 48 and 60 fps videos in recent months to stoke interest in the new format, last week's move opens it up to everyone. Effective immediately, users can both submit and view videos shot at the new higher framerates.

What does faster video mean to the industry? And can it have an impact on the voice industry, as well? The short answer is yes. For the longer answer, read on.


Apple App Store Video Preview Is A Gamechanger

By Carmi Levy

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iPad Apple App Store IconThe Apple iTunes App Store on iOS is undergoing a radical upgrade. Effective immediately, app preview pages now support videos in addition to photos and text.

If you've got an iOS8 device - or a Mac running a beta version of the soon-to-be-released OS X Yosemite - you can already see the first few apps with videos on their app preview screens.

The change opens up an entirely new way for users of Apple devices to find just the right apps. It also makes it easier for app developers to market their titles and stand out from the crowd.

Read on for more info on what could be a significant new change to a familiar online marketplace.


Dissolve: The Rest Is History

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Dissolve and Voices.com video, The Rest is HistoryIf you're reading this article, there's a high probability that you're in the business of storytelling.

Voices.com is home to storytellers using the human voice. Dissolve is home to storytellers who use video to enhance their stories.

What happens when you put Voice-Over and Video together?

Find out in "The Rest Is History."


Why Add Narration to Your Travel Package Videos?

By Lin Parkin

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Business Man on BeachAre you involved in producing travel marketing videos?

Do you operate a travel and tourism business?

Travel companies are getting in on a growing movement to use video as a means to sell travel packages, which is great - albeit little behind the times.

Much like the traditional voice-over industry was resistant to change ten years ago, traditional brick and mortar travel companies have been resistant to competing in an online environment.

Today, more travel organizations are realizing it won't cost them an arm and a leg, that they can expand their reach exponentially online while establishing themselves on a fair playing field with the top dogs in travel. Learn more in today's VOX Daily.


Landfill Harmonic

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Do you consider yourself to be resourceful?

When interpreting a script, you need to work with what you have to tell a story convincingly and with heart. Good storytelling demands your all.

This week, I happened to see a video featuring the story of the Landfill Harmonic, a tale that brings tears to your eyes and warms the heart.

Take a look at how a group of people in Paraguay are making beauty from ashes in today's VOX Daily.


5 Keys to a Sticky Online Video

By Lin Parkin

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Online Video.jpgAre you producing a video?

Are you new to creating online explainer videos?

When producing a video for your business there are many different items that should be taken into consideration. Being well prepared will help you explain your business and promote your product in 90 seconds or less.

So before jumping right in it's important to know a few key ingredients for creating an engaging video that will stick in the minds of viewers.

Join us as we welcome our Guest blogger Andrew Follett, founder and CEO of Demo Duck, in today's VOX Daily.


The Power of Voice-Over Narrators in Video Production

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Woman holding a clapper, shooting a film

Have you ever thought about why narration in videos is so effective?

Guest blogger, Manmade Media, shares insight from a video producer's perspective. Hear what this Denver area production company has to say in today's VOX Daily!


Can You Hear The Mosquito? High Frequency Sound in Action

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Teenaged girl plugging ears with index fingers. Irritated, painful, uncomfortable sound.

Have you ever heard of the Mosquito?

Primarily used for security purposes, the Mosquito sound device emits a very high frequency modulated one (17.5-18.5 kHz) that is completely harmless even with long term use.

The Mosquito is of particular interest to me from a sonic point of view. As we age, our ability to hear certain sound frequencies changes.

Join me now and discover the different frequencies you can hear (and cannot hear any longer!) as you age in today's VOX Daily.


More Demand For Voice-Overs

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Dave CourvoisierHow has the global marketplace helped your business to grow?

With such a wide framework of jobs to audition for and opportunities needing voice talent expanding by the minute, having an online presence and being where the business is is not just a good thing...it's a necessity!

Are you doing all you can to help yourself succeed?

Hear from voice artist, Dave Courvoisier, as he shares his story of working in voice-over and how the online marketplace at Voices.com has impacted his career.


Audio Description Available For Vision Impaired

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Family of four watching television. Mother, father and young two daughters. Mother is smiling and holding the remote, directing it toward a television.Did you know that many of the programs you watch on TV are designed to help those in the vision impaired community SEE what is being presented?

Many people don't know about how widely available audio description is to those who need it, including those who need it most.

Hear from Herb Merriweather as he shares some of what he has learned by working with Audio Eyes, LLC.


Make-A-Wish Foundation Grants VeggieTales Voice-Over Dream

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Kristina Barrett at the premiere of VeggieTales movie, The League of Incredible Vegetables. Voice of Pea Girl.If there was one thing you could wish for, what would it be?

Kristina Barrett was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, in 2010 at eight years of age.

When asked last year by the Make-A-Wish Foundation what she wanted most, Kristina decided that being a voice in one of her favourite movies would be just the thing.

Hear more about this little girl and her dream come true in today's VOX Daily.


4 Tips For Film Narrators

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Young woman holding a black and white film clapper. She is smiling and the clapper arm is up. White text says Studios, Scene, Take, Roll.Do you narrate audiobooks, documentaries or films?

While watching some bonus material on a DVD, I happened to come across an interview with the film's narrator.

Hear insights gleaned from veteran actor and narrator Christopher Plummer on what he believes the role of the narrator is in today's VOX Daily.


Drop Page, Warbucks Continues

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Little Orphan Annie Postage Stamp, comics, USA stamp, 32 centsAre you familiar with the scene in Annie where Oliver Warbucks goes to the radio station to make an appeal to find Annie's parents?

The Oxydent radio scene in Annie relates to voice talent in many ways including on-air, jingle singing, ventriloquism, script reading and Foley artistry.

Join me in discussing one of the most comical exercises in reading copy and share your own comical mistakes in today's VOX Daily.


Yodeling Pickles And Rubber Chickens

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Joe J. Thomas with the yodelling pickleJoe J. Thomas gave a presentation at VOICE 2012 sharing useful tips for navigating your career through the interesting twists and turns that come your way entitled, You Can't Get There From Here.

During his presentation, he gave away some funky prizes, including yodeling pickles!

There's always a story...and in today's VOX Daily, you'll get to hear something that could only happen in the wonderful, sometimes zany world of voice acting.


Where Is Movie Trailer Voice-Over Going?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Don LaFontaine holding a microphone in his left hand, microphone cable draped over his left ear.Where do you think movie trailer voice-over is headed?

Although people are still trying to imitate Don LaFontaine's voice and signature style, there are rumblings that trailer VO might be experiencing some changes.

What have you heard lately? Is there a new trend we should be paying attention to?

Join the discussion in today's VOX Daily.


Wild Mississippi Documentary Narrated By Chris Nichter

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Nat Geo Wild logo; National Geographic Wild ChannelThe mighty Mississippi River has captivated us all in some way, whether through literature, song or by living along its shores.

A new story about the river is due to air on the Nat Geo Wild channel this Sunday night featuring narration by a Voices.com talent!

Hear more about this program now in today's VOX Daily.


Dialing It Back: The Business of Corporate Videos

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Businessman reclined on a Muskoka chair outside with laptop on a tableAre you in the habit of letting the characters and voices in your head run wild?

What happens when you need to restrain those characters and prepare for a more corporate read?

Herb Merriweather shares some ideas on how you can manage and enjoy your less spontaneous reads while engaging the intended audience in today's VOX Daily.


Export Promo Videos Are Hot According to Market World

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Flags of the world on a globe

Do Exports and Voice Overs Mix?

It's a hot market that is growing, says Jack Wilkins, and voice over has become the standard element that brings all aspects of the promotional videos together.

Learn more in this interview with Jack Wilkins of Market World, a client of Voices.com.


Caryn Clark's Voice Saves Energy via a YouTube Video

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Caryn ClarkCaryn Clark recently did some voice over work that you may have seen on television... thanks to technology and an OK from her client, the video Caryn did the voice over for is now up on YouTube!

Come check it out here at VOX Daily and let me know if you've voiced videos found on YouTube as well.


Ralph Hass on YouTube!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Buffalo Sabres LogoYour favorite Buffalo Sabres Imaging Artist has just been interviewed and the footage is up on YouTube!

Watch this thrilling interview with Ralph Hass of Kelowna, British Columbia here.


Google and YouTube... Buyout?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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google-youtube-voice-overs.jpgThere's some buzz going around that Google is going to buyout the mammoth digital video hosting website, YouTube. Find out why this acquisition may be a boon for voice actors.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has been in talks with YouTube, discussing the potential of overtaking the popular video website that allows people to upload video content to the web for mass distribution and observation.